The 13 Best Sports Innovations We Take for Granted

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The 13 Best Sports Innovations We Take for Granted

Throughout the history of sports, changes have been made and technology has advanced to better the game being played—whether for the safety of the athlete or the pleasure of the spectator.

When watching a bone-rattling hit against the boards, we think back to times when hockey players, for reasons beyond logic, played without helmets.

When we watch someone crush a ball 500 feet over a wall only 350 feet away from where he stood, we thank the baseball gods for the evolution modern-day baseball has made since the “dead ball” era in the 1800s.

Some changes, however, have gone seemingly unnoticed by both parties and have been accepted as parts of everyday life.

The fact stands that, without these seldom mentioned innovations, the way we know sports today would be drastically different.

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