5 Things That Eventually Need to Be Included on the WWE Network

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2014

5 Things That Eventually Need to Be Included on the WWE Network

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    The WWE Network will launch on Monday, and it will forever change the landscape of sports entertainment.

    As soon as the network launches, fans will be able to go back and watch every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever produced, new original shows and hundreds of hours of other programming, but that is not even close to what WWE has available in its video library.

    WWE not only owns the rights to several promotions that have gone the way of the dodo, but it has thousands of hours of content from its own DVD releases, past shows and special events.

    Even with all the amazing content we will get on Monday, WWE will likely continue to add more content as time goes on to keep things fresh and continue to draw in new subscribers.

    This slideshow will look at five things that WWE should consider adding to the WWE Network soon after launch and why they would all make great additions to the already packed lineup of shows.

Every Hall of Fame Ceremony in Its Entirety

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    One of the most special nights of the WWE year is always the Hall of Fame ceremony that is held the night before WrestleMania, but the fans who do not attend the event are usually given a shortened version of the program.

    We all love the legends who came before the big stars of today, and watching them be honored is something many fans enjoy, but without the whole ceremony, we miss some special moments.

    The speeches from these men and women are always filled with great stories and memories of their time in the ring, and those moments should be available for all to see.

    The WWE Network gives the company the ability to put anything from the video library up for the world to see, and adding these ceremonies in full would be a great addition to the content that is already announced.

    Going back and watching the inductions of legends like Sgt. Slaughter, Hulk Hogan and Greg Valentine would give older fans a chance to relive some of their favorite memories, and new fans would get to see those who paved the way talk about their careers.

    Who wouldn't want to watch their favorite legend be inducted all over again without anything being cut out?

Every WCW Clash of Champions TV Event

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    WCW held many pay-per-views over the years, but the Clash of Champions events were something totally different.

    These were PPV-level shows that were shown for free on television. Big stars competed in memorable matches every year for the enjoyment of the fans going back to the days of the NWA through the final event in 1997.

    With even more events than WrestleMania, there were 35 shows held between 1988 and 1997, with hundreds of memorable matches that featured some of the best names in the business.

    Having every single PPV from WCW history is huge, but the WWE Network needs to include these shows as well to offer a full WCW experience for fans young and old.

All the Previous Slammy Award Ceremonies

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    The Slammys are called the WWE version of the Oscars, but in reality, they are probably closer to being the WWE version of the Razzies.

    Nevertheless, they are still fun to watch.

    Before WWE lumped the Slammys into Raw, the ceremony had its own show, which was a nice change from the usual matches that were shown every week.

    WWE stars would dress up and attend the show like it was a real awards ceremony, and we always got a few memorable moments from the winners and losers.

    There were awards honoring the best wrestlers, but we also had categories like Best Buns and the Bobby Heenan Scholarship award.

    Going back and watching the first handful of shows would be a great trip down memory lane and a fun way to show younger fans the over-the-top personalities of some of the best in the business from back in the day.

    It just makes sense to add the earlier shows to the WWE Network, and hopefully it happens soon after the launch on Monday.

WWE DVD Documentaries

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    WWE has been releasing home videos and DVDs for years, and the big attraction is not so much the matches but the documentaries included with them.

    Even with all the criticism that WWE gets from fans, it is hard to deny that the company puts a lot of effort into the historical documentaries.

    Stone Cold, The Rock, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels have all had the DVD doc treatment, and putting those features on the WWE Network would allow fans who never purchased those DVDs to see the great production value and exclusive interviews included within.

    WWE is probably still hoping to make money from DVDs for quite some time, but the world we live in is becoming more and more cloud-based, and it seems inevitable that these DVD extras will be available to view on the network at some point.

    Many WWE fans like to go back and watch the history of their favorites, and these documentaries would allow them to gain an even greater appreciation for the hard work that all those men and women put into WWE over the years.

Episodes of Defunct Shows

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    WWE, ECW and WCW have had numerous shows come and go throughout the years, and many of those shows would make great additions to the WWE Network lineup.

    Shows like WCW Saturday Night, WWE LiveWire and Shotgun Saturday Night provided many great moments, and for the most part, those memories have faded.

    Moments from these shows are rarely featured in video packages, DVDs and documentaries, and reliving some of them would be something many fans would look forward to.

    Expecting WWE to put the entire video library on the network is far-fetched, but adding some of the better episodes of these programs would provide for even more enjoyment for the 10 dollars per month we will be spending come Monday.

    What shows/events would you like to see added to the WWE Network?


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