How to Maximize Fan Interest from Daniel Bryan's Feud with Kane

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2014


With CM Punk—who seemed destined for a match against Kane at Elimination Chamber—now gone, Daniel Bryan has inherited Punk's feud against Kane in what has been a seamless transition.

Kane and Bryan have been at odds on TV as part of the build to Elimination Chamber, which, in storyline, only hurts Bryan's chances of somehow pulling off an upset victory Sunday.

Last week on Raw, Bryan attacked Kane in one of the final segments. In the follow-up this past Monday, Kane booked Bryan in a match against Christian before inserting himself in a match against Bryan.

Despite a steady build to the Bryan-Kane showdown, it wasn't much of a match with Kane quickly getting himself disqualified before irreverently announcing such to the live crowd. 

The Bryan-Kane feud has come too far for that to be their only match, especially if the plan is to still go with the rumored match, from PWInsider via WrestlingInc, of Daniel Bryan vs. head honcho Triple H at WrestleMania. 

Given the time dedicated to their budding rivalry, one would think Bryan and Kane would be better suited for a match at Elimination Chamber.

Conventional wisdom dictates this match is off the table with Daniel Bryan already involved in the Elimination Chamber, but that only makes the match all the more fitting per storyline.

As part of The Authority's plan to derail Bryan as a potential face of the WWE, having him pull double-duty against Kane prior to heading into the Chamber could create more drama for not only the Bryan-Authority feud, but the Elimination Chamber match itself.

Bryan's status as an underdog, which is the very source of his popularity, would grow tenfold if he were made to go through Kane before stepping into the Elimination Chamber. To really draw in emotional interest, Bryan's spot in the Chamber could be on the line.

With just days left until the pay-per-view, WWE does not appear to be going that route. Still, this does not eliminate the possibility of a proper TV match between Kane and Bryan, which can be a spectacle unto itself given the time invested in Kane and Bryan's developing feud. 

Should Bryan fail to win the Elimination Chamber match, a very likely scenario, his consolation prize appears as if it would be Triple H.

What better way to add value to that match than to use the Kane-Bryan match as a precursor, with Bryan getting Triple H at WrestleMania if victorious?

There are several ways to make a Kane-Bryan match seem important despite being given away in underwhelming fashion.

Using stipulations and high stakes that are tied to the match's outcome will only maximize fan interest.

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