Will Ferrell's Figure Skating Routine to Downton Abbey Is Beautiful, Haunting

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIFebruary 5, 2017

Will Ferrell joined Jimmy Fallon on the budding iteration of The Tonight Show and performed a flawless figure skating routine to the theme song from Downton Abbey. Really, we can only deduct points because of jealousy.

Next Impulse Sports' Kiley Kmiec spotted this video featuring Ferrell, who had the distinction of being one of the early guests to drop by the new The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Simply sitting on a couch answering questions isn't Ferrell's style. No, you need to let this gorgeous animal breathe and spread his wings.

Oh, it would be nice if we could somehow tie this in with the current 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics too. Thanks.

Normally when you hear the iconic theme music from Downton Abbey, you know that the night is about to take an emotional turn. In time, you will jump up from your seat, spill your wine over that nice cheese plate you made for the party and scream, "Really, why did they have to die!"

Basically, the Pavlovian response to the tune already means I start sobbing uncontrollably and tell anyone in the room to shut up because my weekly stories are on.

Thankfully, we have something just as wonderful, if not as haunting, to enjoy in the form of Ferrell's figure skating routine.

We should probably note that this is more figure walking, because the comedian chose not to don skates, going with the rarely used sneakers.

If you are looking for an impetus behind the delightful performance, it seems Team USA managed to ignore Ferrell. He proclaims, "You don't know. You don't even know how painful it's been to be snubbed by the team, not even told when the tryouts are on."

From there he asks Fallon if he can show off his routine he is hoping to perform for the 2018 Games, which is now more of a formality than anything.

With graceful lines, tight twists and leaps that take the breath away, Ferrell is all but assured a place on the American squad for the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

All he needs is some style tips from Johnny Weir and some tutelage from Tara Lipinski, and we may be looking at this nation's next Golden Boy.

Then again, we could be far off. We have never completely understood this sport anyway.