Cesaro Needs to Split from Real Americans to Achieve Main Event Status

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Cesaro is finally getting the spotlight he deserves.

The 6’5”, 232-pound wrestler fought in the main event on the February 14 episode of SmackDown and the February 17 episode of Raw. He defeated Randy Orton on SmackDown, which was well received for a taped match.

His match with John Cena has earned even more praise. Some call it the match of the year, and 2014 has barely begun. Jim Ross stated, in his latest blog for his website jrsbbq.com, that he loved the match, declaring Cesaro is “on the cusp of breaking through.”

Ross is rightall Cesaro needs is that one moment to break through as a main eventer. It’s ironic, though, that in order to get to that next level he’ll have to break from his tag team.

Cesaro needs to split from the Real Americans to achieve main event status.

Don’t be confused with the program “WWE Main Event.” Cesaro needs to leave his tag team partner to become a permanent main event player.

He and Jack Swagger joined forces with Zeb Colter and formed a formidable tag team. Unfortunately, they’ve seen little positive results. Despite winning a few matches, they haven’t won tag team gold.

The split seems to be inevitable. Just listen to the broadcast while they’re on the air. Hardly any mention was made of the possibility that the Real Americans can leave the Elimination Chamber event with both the Intercontinental and WWE titles.

The last team to hold those two titles while together was Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2001. Why aren’t the announcers making a big deal out of this?

It only foreshadows what needs to happen. Cesaro and Jack Swagger must part ways.

He doesn’t need Colter and Swagger anymore. Take a look at his match with Orton; he won by himself. The same goes for his match with Cena, despite the different outcome. Colter and Swagger did not help him get the victory. They just stood there and saw him lose.

Frankly, what’s the point for Colter and Swagger to watch him wrestle if they’re not helping him win matches? In other words, what have they done for him lately?

Cesaro has gotten over on his own accord. His arsenal of moves and wrestling ability has made him a key player to watch this year. He uses European uppercuts like no other wrestler before him, and his big swing is a hit among the WWE fans.

Granted, Cesaro needs time for promo work. He’ll get it, though, as it seems now he’s connecting with the fans, a key part of becoming a main event player.

Cesaro needs to split from the Real Americans to become a main eventer. The Elimination Chamber is the first step of that process. In time, he’ll leave his partners behind for a greener pasture.

No holds barred, Cesaro is ready for that pasture. All he needs to do is leave Colter and Swagger behind him to kick off a new era: the Cesaro era.