#TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete Produces Hilarious Football Photos on Twitter

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterFebruary 21, 2014

#TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete Produces Hilarious Football Photos on Twitter

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    @AlwynPayne - Twitter

    Most hashtags on Twitter can be disregarded. Most trends and memes can be ignored.

    But some do work and one that started late on Thursday night, #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete, was an absolute treat.

    Despite it not being a football-specific tag, an impressive number of the pictures were focused on the beautiful game. 

    We've capped our list at 15—it could easily have been more. Enjoy!

15. Arsenal's 2009/10 Campaign

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    Scott Halleran/Getty Images

    Football fans never forget. So when Arsenal are still waiting for their moment several years on, this came out again.

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete Because it wasn't really their time.. pic.twitter.com/pt3Tr8QU5N

    — The Football Front (@ReviewFootball) February 20, 2014 

14. Andrei Arshavin's Photoshoot

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    Maya Alleruzzo/Associated Press

    Andrei Arshavin, you tease. One of the big pluses of the hashtag was not merely reliving classic pictures but discovering new ones. For us at least, this Arshavin photoshoot was in the latter category. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/kM68oo6ZCk

    — Man Utd FF (@ManUtdFF) February 20, 2014

13. Vincent Kompany's Oddly-Shaped Head

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    Richard Drew/Associated Press

    There's just no explaining Vincent Kompany's ever-expanding head. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/EwACswOaen

    — Renato (@UtdLover) February 20, 2014

12. RVP and the Manchester United Mannequins

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    Soeren Stache/Associated Press

    Robin van Persie and a collection of the worst Manchester United figurines you could ever hope to see. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/307I0ECBc8

    — James Maw (@JamesMawFFT) February 20, 2014

11. James Milner's 17th Birthday

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    Ebrahim Noroozi/Associated Press

    James Milner celebrated his 17th birthday in Leeds with Terry Venables. How times change. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/meP10QGczb

    — Peter Hall (@PeteHall86) February 20, 2014

10. When Referees Attack

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    Oliver Lang/Associated Press

    Referee Mark Clattenburg turns assassin. Strangely compelling, the more you look at it.

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete Mark Clattenburg fires shots. pic.twitter.com/cUfigBuUeF

    — Football Vines (@falsenumbervine) February 20, 2014

9. When Brian Kidd Met Gervinho

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    Richard Drew/Associated Press

    Interim Manchester City manager Brian Kidd sat next to an undersized Gervinho at the end of last season. Although we're fairly sure that this is Photoshopped. Probably. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/jmVtxy66I8

    — Alwyn Payne (@AlwynPayne) February 20, 2014

8. Brendan Rodgers and Joe Allen

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    Richard Drew/Associated Press

    Move over, Scotland: This is the Tartan Army now. 

    #Tweetapictureyoullneverdelete pic.twitter.com/Br7ct8uXOn

    — Matthew Stanger (@MatthewStanger) February 20, 2014

7. The Spice Boys

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    Eric Audras/Associated Press

    Liverpool's 1996 FA Cup Final suits are still remembered to this day.  

    It's not a compliment.

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/Q5iPeppLzu

    — Daniel Harris (@DanielHarris) February 20, 2014

6. Kolo Toure and the Shower

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    Richard Drew/Associated Press

    What is it about Kolo Toure peeking from behind a shower curtain that makes it worthy of our list? We're hard-pushed to say, other than to say it being absent from the list would be a travesty. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/OWRgzXQCJf

    — KICKTV (@KICKTV) February 20, 2014

5. Vinnie Jones Tackles a Child

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    Marius Becker/Associated Press

    Vinnie Jones had a reputation for being a footballing hard-man. This may have crossed a line, however. 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete Vinnie Jones tackling a child. pic.twitter.com/xlsuhAYWbt

    — Squawka Football (@Squawka) February 20, 2014

4. The Moustache Tribute

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    Brock Vergakis/Associated Press

    The football club colours. 

    The Remembrance Day poppy.

    Together at last in a moustache.

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete pic.twitter.com/s6B07UHgcb

    — David Shaw (@lfcmaestro23) February 20, 2014

3. Danny Welbeck Face

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    Richard Drew/Associated Press

    Phil Jones can consider himself unlucky that it was his face, and not Danny Welbeck's, which became a meme: 

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete Danny Welbeck's face. pic.twitter.com/ENVKvS2f7L

    — Match of the Dave (@MatchOfTheDave) February 20, 2014

2. The Solemn Gunnersaurus

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    Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

    Will Gunnersaurus looking solemn during a minute's silence ever not look funny? We wait. 

    #tweetapictureyoullneverdelete pic.twitter.com/hp3meJqLDC

    — Jenny Brown (@cfc_jb) February 20, 2014

1. Worst Meme Ever?

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    Margarethe Wichert/Associated Press

    Worst. Meme. Ever. 

    It's wrong, for one thing. It's misspelt all over the place for another. And Higuain ended up at Napoli, not Arsenal. 

    This makes the top of our list because it's precisely the sort of thing that is ridiculous to keep hold of and yet now we've seen it, we also can't imagine deleting it.

    #TweetAPictureYoullNeverDelete "The Arsenal goaler" 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/pa4LIwlShc

    — Jake. (@JakeMantonTHFC) February 20, 2014