Rating the Teams of the Era 1999-2009: The Top Four

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Rating the Teams of the Era 1999-2009: The Top Four

My how the years have flown. It seems like only yesterday we were staring down the barrel of a new millennium of motor racing in the greatest sporting spectacle on earth: the Formula One World Championship.

Now, here we are on the verge of another decade of racing, and my how has the landscape changed!

The leading teams of the 2009 championship were nowhere near the top a scant twelve months ago. And the sport is facing another potential split over rules and regulations that the governing body seems hell bent on imposing. Ah yes, what a turbulent time indeed.

However I am not here to tell you about the future, rather to give the Formula One faithful a look into the era gone by.

This article is about the teams that have competed from the season’s 1999 through to the current season 2009 (as of the Turkish Grand Prix) and how they have fared in this time period.

So how are the teams rated? In order to limit the potential skewing of those lies, damn lies and statistics, the old ‘Cold War Olympics’ system has been adopted. That is, the best results and worst results of each team have been dropped and the average taken from the remainder of finishing positions over the years.

This system rewards consistency. It also ‘protects’ a team from receiving a poor rating due to a once-off season like McLaren’s disqualification in 2007 Therefore the better a team has done over time, the higher their rank will be.

Also, in the event that two teams are tied on ratings score, the result from the current season will be used to determine rank.

For teams that competed for no more than three season’s in this era, their full results have been averaged, however only teams that are currently competing are eligible for a top ten finish.

Also note, that if a team has changed names, it is not considered to be a new team, and the results of that team under its old name are counted along with any results under a new name.

Get all that? Then let’s begin and see where your favourite team ended up.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2!

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