Top ten basketball players that could have played football. (Current players only)

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Top ten basketball players that could have played football. (Current players only)

Top ten basketball players that could have played football. (Current players only)

It seems with every new year in the NBA there comes an even stronger, faster, and more physically gifted group of athletes than the year before. Seven footers that bench 300 pounds, players with 50 inch verticals, just absolutely mindblowing physical attributes that keep getting more impressive with time.

It used to be the general consensus that anyone who was abnormally tall could play basketball. Maybe that was the case in the Fifties, but now it's become clear that unless you have some strength and agility to go along with your height, you'll get pushed around at the NBA level.

Heck, most pro scouts won't even bother looking at a big man prospect unless he's 6'10" and has some meat on his bones. But even with the overall beef-up of the NBA, there are still some athletes that physically stand out amongst the rest.

For instance, when I was watching the Cleveland-Orlando series, it was unbelievable how much bigger and faster LeBron James and Dwight Howard were compared to everyone else on the court. For the most part, if Dwight Howard wanted a post up he got one. And for the most part, if LeBron wanted to drive the ball to the basket he could. Both LeBron and Dwight were simply better athletes than everyone else on the floor, and because of that they were able to take advantage of their abundancy of exploits. But what if, instead of matching up LeBron James with a soft, slow lateral moving Hedo Turkoglu, you put him against 6-time Pro Bowler for the Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher?

Maybe that would have been the case had LeBron decided to pursue football out of high school rather than basketball. It's certainly an interesting thought. In fact, there are several NBA players today that had they chosen to accept the football scholarship as opposed to the basketball one, they'd probably be playing in the NFL right now.

That leads me to my question: "Which current NBA basketball player would make the best football player?"

Without any further ado, here's my countdown.

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