Eight Things Casual MMA Fans Say That Drive Me Crazy

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Eight Things Casual MMA Fans Say That Drive Me Crazy
(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

The casual fan. Sure, they know the sport. They might even know a couple of fighters.

Sometimes they are someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend tagging along to a party. Maybe they were at the bar the same night that a fight was airing on the big screen. No matter—their backgrounds are irrelevant.

As a hardcore devotee to the sport, I do not expect everyone to follow mixed martial arts with the same fanatical thirst that I do. I’m more than happy to explain the sport to someone who doesn’t watch it regularly. For the most part, I’m an understanding person.

That is, however, up to a certain point. Because it is a virtual certainty that at some point during the night, a casual fan is going to say something that makes me grind my teeth. The comment alone isn’t what gets me, but that I’ve heard that same comment 100 times already.

So I am writing this article to you, dear casual fan. Print it out, study it. File these following eight things away in your brain under the NEVER, EVER SAY category. If you do so, it will make watching the sport more pleasant for you and me.

I won’t get annoyed, and you won’t have something thrown at you.

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