Larry Bird's High School Yearbook Photo Is the Throwback Thursday Pic You Need

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Larry Bird's High School Yearbook Photo Is the Throwback Thursday Pic You Need
Anonymous/Associated Press

Dive into it. Take a running start and heave yourself into the bottomless well of goodness that is Larry Bird’s high school yearbook photo.

Like a direct message from God himself, this work of art descended from the Twitter heavens—more specifically, it was brought to our attention this fine #ThrowbackThursday by Sports Illustrated’s Andy Gray

The written word becomes a frail device in the presence of such visual grandeur, but suffice to say, Bird was a vision to behold at Springs Valley High School in the early 1970s. 

Mop top? Check. Somber expression? Roger. Even as a youth in small-town French Lick, he had long hair and clearly didn’t care.

Image via BR

For comparison’s sake, I must ask—is Bird’s yearbook shot better than Mike Krzyzewski’s photo from his West Point days? It’s close.

“Mick Krizilonski” in all his resplendent, comb-over pageantry is difficult to outclass, but let's not forget about young Bird’s suit-and-tie game. He’s rocking a solid knot. It doesn’t appear to be a Double Windsor, but beggars can’t be choosers.

In other news, I’m looking to commission a tasteful reproduction of these pictures to hang around my residence—probably in the bathroom, or wherever they’ll make guests the most uncomfortable. 

The Bird is strictly a suit-and-tie-wearing dude.

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