Amy Reimann: Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Girlfriend Helps Him Through the Rough Patches

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Amy Reimann: Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Girlfriend Helps Him Through the Rough Patches
Eric Jamison/Associated Press

You’ve had a bad day.

You woke up late, spilled coffee on your pants and spent half the morning dealing with bureaucratic nonsense instead of doing the work you came to do.

Who do you complain to after a day like this? Well, your significant other, obviously.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. might not have to deal with TPS reports and board meetings, but he’s had his share of rough rides on the track. And when everything goes sideways, he leans on girlfriend Amy Reimann to get his mind right.

Jeff Gluck of USA Today recently sat down with the driver of the No. 88 car to talk about racing, relaxing and his mindset coming into the 2014 Daytona 500. 

A question that stood out in the conversation concerned how Earnhardt Jr. deals with disappointment. Gluck asked the driver who he confides in after a bad day at the track—a question he answered in a strikingly relatable manner.

“Amy,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “[We] talk a little bit. ... Amy has got to hear it because she’s the only one around.”

Jerry Markland/Getty Images

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Indeed, just like the rest of us, NASCAR’s favorite son comes home and vents to his significant other after a rough one at the office. Earnhardt Jr. and Reimann have reportedly been together for several years now, and like any other young couple, people want to know when they will tie the knot. 

Junior says there’s no rush.

“We don’t have any plans [to get married],” he told reporters at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards banquet this December, via Fox Sports’ Shake and Bake Crew. “But we’re definitely enjoying our relationship and it just gets better every day.”

Reimann, an interior designer and former college dancer, tends to stay out of the news—aside for race day and NASCAR functions. She can often be seen at Earnhardt Jr.’s side following a race or at industry award ceremonies.

Be on the lookout for Reimann this weekend at the Daytona 500. The camera seems to love her almost as much as Earnhardt Jr does. 

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