New York Mets: Where's The Book?

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

I’VE DONE IT. I have finally figured out the solution to all the Mets problems. Pitch Figueroa everyday and play Santana at first base, then bring him in for relief at which time Raul Casanova will come in at first.

Just kidding, but as much as used to love watching Delgado make entries into his home-run journal, I now see that book about as often as the Professor Klump guide to weight loss.

I have heard on the radio that Moises Alou is a potential first baseman, which would, if Moises Alou can stay healthy plug a huge hole at first base.

Another bad game for the second coming of Armando Benitez retiring just one batter but giving up two runs including one homer and Jorge Sosa who got THREE WHOLE OUTS but still gave up a run.

Call me an optimist but I am still not worried, If Joe Smith can come around like he has been doing and Sanchez can return to early 2006 form, Feliciano can continue his roll as lefty specialist and Wagner can close it up, the pen should be all right.

The Mets start a series with the Braves tomorrow in which the Bullpen will be continue to be tested by the tough Braves line-up, let’s see if they can hold up.

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