WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for Feb. 21

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 20, 2014

The Feb. 21 edition of WWE SmackDown serves up the last chance for plot twists. pay-per-view hype and acquiring momentum.

The sports-entertainment giant has one last chance to sell fans on ordering Elimination Chamber 2014 by  providing glimpses of the grudge matches and title bouts the event will feature.

Fans who filled the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Feb. 18 already saw Daniel Bryan, Titus O'Neil, Christian and The Wyatt Family compete. The rest of us have to resort to scanning spoiler reports or waiting to see it all unfold on Friday night.

The following is a look at all the matches taped for the next edition of SmackDown, the results left unspoiled. 


Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger

Both men are gearing up for a championship match at Elimination Chamber. One will head into his title match having just suffered a loss.

Bryan is the big favorite here. Despite the torture his arm went through, he defeated Christian on Monday's Raw.

Swagger has been unable to best Christian in two recent tries, including an Elimination Chamber qualifying match on Jan 31.

It's the state of Bryan's arm that is the biggest story here. After surviving against Christian, Kane forced him into a match against himself. The Director of Operations then zeroed in on the injury, attacking Bryan's arm like a crazed dog.

Swagger could further damage it en route to a win or least to the point where Bryan's title hopes on Sunday are greatly diminished.


Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

Just as he did on Monday's Raw, Bryan will be pulling double duty on SmackDown.

He has to face the other member of The Real Americans, a man he'll battle inside the Elimination Chamber.

Even though he is taking on a weakened opponent, Cesaro has a shot at improving an already impressive week. Last Friday, he defeated Randy Orton and came within a few milliseconds of beating John Cena on Monday's Raw.

A win against Bryan would cause his confidence to balloon even more.

Bryan may just be looking to survive at this point, making sure he's not completely spaghetti-legged when Elimination Chamber arrives. 


Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Wyatt Family

Before The Wyatt Family enter what will be the biggest battle of their careers at Elimination Chamber, they face a trio of fan favorites on Friday's SmackDown.

The Shield struggled to put away Sin Cara and Los Matadores on Wednesday's Main Event. Can Bray Wyatt and his clan be more dominant here?

Rhodes and Goldust are no one's patsies. The brothers are on the hunt for momentum themselves, heading for a showdown against Curtis Axel and Ryback at the pay-per-view.

The brothers are on the climb back to championship contender status. Pinning the powerful Wyatt crew and then knocking off Ryback and Axel would put them in the center of title-shot discussions.


Emma vs. Summer Rae (Dance-Off)

SmackDown hosts the second round of Emma and Summer Rae's dance-off.

Emma may soon seize the record for longest space in between debuting and actually wrestling. She has so far been Santino Marella's sidekick and love interest, more dancer than fighter.

Her gimmick is dance-centric, but she's too talented of a wrestler to keep out of the ring.

The good news is that these two NXT alumni are engaged in a feud, which presumably has to lead to in-ring action at some point. For now, WWE fans will get another chance to see Emma's goofy, endearing dance moves. 


Titus O'Neil vs. Dolph Ziggler

It may be hard for O'Neil to focus on his immediate opponent. He will soon face his former tag team partner at Elimination Chamber.

Darren Young earned his share of momentum with a victory over Damien Sandow on last week's SmackDown.

It's O'Neil's turn now. He'll be taking on a former world champ with a lot to prove. After a roller coaster of a 2013, Ziggler needs wins of any sort to pull himself out of jobber status.

A battle of power versus speed will determine who ends Friday night with reason to celebrate and who will be left pounding his fist on the mat.


Jimmy Uso vs. Road Dogg

The Tag Team champions need to know they can beat The Usos in some form. The New Age Outlaws were recently on the losing end of an eight-man tag match involving their Elimination Chamber challengers, and on Monday's Raw, Billy Gunn lost to Jey Uso.

It's up to Road Dogg to provide at least a sliver of momentum before these two teams meet with the titles on the line.

Road Dogg is 16 years older than his foe and made his WWE debut when Jimmy and Jey were both 10 years old. He'll have to outthink his younger adversary.

Fans will get a preview of the battle of experience versus youth. Expect some wily tactics from the champ and some jaw-dropping, high-flying moves from Jimmy.


Christian vs. Sheamus

Two of the men meeting inside the Elimination Chamber for the WWE title have a chance to gain confidence and weaken their foe.

Christian hasn't fared well against the other Chamber entrants. He lost to Orton two weeks ago and couldn't find a way to keep Bryan down on Monday's Raw. The story here will be Christian's desperate journey not to go 0-3 in these matches. 

Sheamus serves as his roadblock.

The Celtic Warrior may not win the championship on Sunday, but given as destructive as he has looked since coming back, bet on him making a major, violent impact on that match. First up, though, he has a tussle with Christian on the agenda.

A win sends Sheamus into the weekend rolling, a loss allows Christian time to regain his crumbling confidence.

The last Raw before Elimination Chamber featured a massive brawl and tense staredowns aplenty. WWE will offer more pre-Chamber collisions on a SmackDown lined with promising matchups.


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