WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: 6 Things Every Fan Must Know

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 20, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: 6 Things Every Fan Must Know

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    The final stop on the road to WrestleMania is the Elimination Chamber, and this year, it is a pay-per-view that promises much.

    We appear to have a card with plenty of decent matches, and we should be in for a real treat when it comes to the traditional chamber match.

    Being the final show before WrestleMania XXX, there is much to be expected in terms of twists and drama. But will it deliver?

    Away from the drama, there are a few key points every fan should have in mind when they watch the Elimination Chamber. Be it history related or simply linking to the present day, a few pointers about the show would certainly come in handy.

    With that said, let's look at six things every fan should know about the 2014 Elimination Chamber.

Be Prepared for WWE's Best Show in a Long Time

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    It's safe to say that WWE has really suffered when it comes to pay-per-view shows over the last few months.

    You could effectively go all the way back to shows like Night of Champions and Battleground last yearwhich had bizarre endings and disappointing matches.

    The first show of 2014Royal Rumbleagain flattered to deceive, leaving many feeling quite flat when it came to pay-per-views. However, the Elimination Chamber should change all that.

    The card is stacked full of excellent matches, and the talent on show should really capture the imagination and the excitement of fans.

    All in all, it really should be WWE's best effort for a long, long time. With WrestleMania just around the corner, that is a valuable shot in the arm for the company.

Whoever Enters at No. 5 Has History on Their Side

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    It's not the final pod to open in the Elimination Chamber, but spot No. 5 seems to be the one that draws the best chance of winning the match.

    It will be worth keeping an eye on who enters in the penultimate slot this year because it is the most successful draw in the history of the Elimination Chamber.

    That goes all the way back to the origins of the Elimination Chambernot just the four editions of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

    However, not one person has prevailed from the No. 5 spot since the pay-per-view was conceived in 2010. Could that all change this year?

John Cena Could Make History with a Win

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    Triple H is the outright dominant force of the Elimination Chamber with a resounding four victories to his name. Considering he has only appeared six times, that is a pretty good showing.

    However, a victory for John Cena at this year's Elimination Chamber will see him share the lead with The Game. Cena's most recent victories inside the structure came in 2010 and 2011, but his victory in the former was overshadowed by an almost instant loss to Batista moments after he captured the WWE Championship.

    He overcame the odds a year later though to defeat Sheamus, amongst others, to record a third victory inside the chamber.

    Whether a fourth victory is forthcoming this weekend is certainly debatable. With Randy Orton looking in a strong position as champion, Cena's chances could be limited.

    However, a place in history awaits Cena should he win this year at the Elimination Chamber.

Randy Orton's Chamber Record Is Astonishing

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    The solitary Elimination Chamber match in 2014 sees Randy Orton defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against five other men.

    Amazingly, Orton will go joint second on the list of all-time Elimination Chamber appearances this Sunday, drawing level with Triple H on six appearances inside the demonic structure. Chris Jericho leads the way with a stunning eight appearances.

    However, whilst Triple H has an impressive four wins from his six showings, Orton is without a win from his previous five matches in the Chamber. For a guy who has won so many championships with the company, that is a stunning feat.

    You would imagine his Elimination Chamber drought has its best chance of coming to an end this year. He has been an excellent champion and almost deserves to grab a win.

There Will Be Huge Twists

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    Leading up to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, there appears to be precious little set in stone regarding plans for WrestleMania XXX.

    Naturally, we are unsure as to who the champion will be with Batista waiting in the wings. But the majority of the company's top stars are locked into the Elimination Chamber match, meaning they don't have any real rivalry to speak of heading into Mania.

    Expect that all to change at the Elimination Chamber, though. You would expect some huge twists and some mammoth swerves to try and build up the excitement and the anticipation for WrestleMania XXX with the likes of Daniel Bryan and Cena still without a rival for the show.

    This could be the night that The Shield finally implode, too. It seems to have been coming for weeks, if not months, but their match against The Wyatt Family could be the setting for the stable's inevitable split.

    Expect huge dramathe company needs to deliver, after all.

The Raft of Returning Stars Will Not Emerge

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    Sorry to finish on a bit of a negative note, but anyone expecting some big returns at the Elimination Chamber may well find themselves bitterly disappointed.

    We are used to seeing people return at the showafter all, it is the final stop before WrestleManiabut this year, things are slightly different.

    The launch of the WWE Network takes place the following night on Raw, and you would expect that the company will be trying to sell that night much more than the Elimination Chamber.

    So, the usual raft of returns in advance of WrestleMania may well have to wait for one extra night this year. Whether it will be a good or a bad thing for the Elimination Chamber is up in the air, though.