Sam Baker Gets it Done

Kyle BunchSenior Analyst IApril 24, 2008

It has been said that the Trojans who decided to stay on for their 2007 Senior seasons have improved their draft stock remarkably. It has been said their growth in maturity and skill will make the likes of Ellis, Rivers, and Davis millions extra in contract deals.

Then there's the footnote: except for Sam Baker.

Out of all the Trojans that have risen in the pre-draft rankings, offensive left-tackle Sam Baker seems to be the only one that's fallen. That dip is likely due to a hamstring injury that hampered progress his senior season, and some slow 40-times clocked at USC's Pro Day. But despite the drop, Stewart Mandel writes on, "Baker is the most underrated o-lineman in the draft."

Let's see here. Baker was the starting left tackle—most important position on the line—for the most dominant program in the country for four straight years...Based purely on Baker's college track record, I assumed he would be one of, if not the top, tackle on the board; instead, I see he's barely in the top 10.

Baker reportedly did not test well at USC's Pro Day, which means, of course, that those four years never happened. Still, Baker's likely to go late-first to early second round. Nonetheless, a drop of millions has got to get to him, right? So does National Championship winner and three-time first team, All-American Sam Baker regret coming back for his senior season?