WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: PPV Will Be WWE's Best In Recent History

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

After the WWE's recent track record with pay-per-view shows, it's safe to say that the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view has to be a good one.

Think about it. The Royal Rumblearguably the second-biggest show the WWE has in its possessionwas largely dominated by booing from the crowds, mostly centered around the way the company used Daniel Bryan.

Batista's Rumble victory left everyone feeling flat.
Batista's Rumble victory left everyone feeling flat.Credit: WWE.com

Throw Batista's flat Rumble victory into the mix too, and you have a pay-per-view that largely disappointed. Given how the Elimination Chamber is the final stop before WrestleMania XXX, it almost has to be a success.

And, despite that pressure to succeed, the WWE might be just about able to pull it off. In all honesty, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is looking like being one of the company's best shows in some time—for several reasons.


The Chamber Match Has Genuine Intrigue

Even if Randy Orton does prevail as champion again—setting up a match with Batista at WrestleMania XXXthere are still plenty of other stories to keep the Chamber match ticking over.

How will the company ensure John Cena doesn't win the championship, for example? It is very rare the WWE has Cena lose clean on a pay-per-viewor on any show, for that matter. Perhaps Bray Wyatt will cause some sort of distraction to see Cena beaten, but that is something that remains to be seen.

You have the rapid rise of Cesaro to factor into the equation, too. His match with John Cena on Raw was an excellent onein fact, it was one of the best Raw has seen in a long time. That was largely down to the actions of Cesaro, and the Chamber should provide an excellent setting for his career to take the next step forward.

Whether a split from Jack Swagger is on the cards could well depend on Cesaro's partnerand whether he manages to oust Big E in their Intercontinental Championship match.

Oh, and don't forget Daniel Bryan, too. There will have to be some sort of external interference to cost Bryan a potential victoryit will generate plenty of heat for whoever the person is that costs Bryan a win.


Finally, Some Midcard Attention from the WWE

The WWE has been taking a very similar approach to the majority of its pay-per-view shows over the last few months. Try and cram as much attention into the main event as possible—and let the rest of the card fight for very limited airtime.

However, the company seem to be finally recognizing that as much attention needs to be paid to the rest of the roster. The fact they have done that for the Elimination Chamber has created a genuinely interesting card all across the board.

The aforementioned Intercontinental Championship is finally getting another chance on a pay-per-viewafter a couple of months in the background. That shouldn't be the kind of treatment the IC belt is gettinggiven how there is only one serious championship at the top of the company.

Big E vs. Jack Swagger seems like a pretty good match on paper, with both men sure to put a solid showing on in the opening stages of the night.

The tag team belts are even going to be up for grabs at the Elimination Chamber, as the New Age Outlaws put them on the line against the best team currently active in the companyThe Usos. Jimmy and Jey have been on a real roll over the last couple of months, and fully deserve this shot. Hopefully it is the start of a rivalry that rolls right into WrestleMania XXX.

Even Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil is a match that has some intrigue behind it. The classic former-partners-turned-enemies match is one that always creates a touch of interest for fansand it will be a good, solid start to the show.


The Match Everyone Wants to See

There is one other reason the Elimination Chamber will be an excellent pay-per-view. Finally, we are going to get to see the match that many people have wanted for so long—The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family.

It has been teased on occasions before, such as previous editions of Raw last year. However, this time it is going to happenand the WWE have built it up pretty well.

The last couple of weeks have seen Bray almost take his men into battle against "The Hounds of Justice"—but retreat at the last minute. The final Raw before the Elimination Chamber saw all hell break loose thoughand the crowd loved it.

Will The Shield split at the Chamber? It seems like the perfect place to do it, and fractions are being teased between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

That will matter little to Bray though, who will be keen to cement his family as the top stable in the WWE. It is one of several reasons why the Elimination Chamber is a must-see.