Cesaro Will Be the Breakout Performer of WWE Elimination Chamber

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2014

CesaroCredit: WWE.com

Cesaro is a WWE Superstar that is currently receiving more focus than usual. The man often referred to as the Swiss Superman is now stepping out from his tag team with Jack Swagger in The Real Americans.

While doing so may have been somewhat of a risky move for Cesaro, the fact is that so far it's working out pretty well.

Part of Cesaro venturing out on his own includes a prime spot in the Elimination Chamber match coming up on Sunday, February 23. Cesaro is booked in the chamber along with four other Superstars, all of whom are competing for Randy Orton's WWE World Championship.

Though it is Cesaro's first main event shot on pay-per-view, he will be the breakout star of the match.

Cesaro's skills have never been in question. Many WWE fans have recognized his talent from the start and have wanted to see him elevated higher up in the company for quite some time. His initial run was fairly successful and he did get over to some degree, but it was not until very recently that his situation improved.

The biggest reason for that change is Zeb Colter.

Zeb Colter and The Real Americans
Zeb Colter and The Real AmericansCredit: WWE.com

As the mouthpiece for The Real Americans, Colter did whatever was necessary to get his tag team over with the WWE audience. While Cesaro and Swagger seemed like an odd pairing at the time, the truth is that Colter's work on the mic made it all work.

Colter's promos are very entertaining and brought a renewed focus to not only Swagger's career, but that of Cesaro as well. Cesaro went from being a singles star to being a tag team standout—to being a guy that perhaps would get a real opportunity at the big-time.

That opportunity comes in the wake of a big-time Superstar's departure.

When CM Punk left the company, the event was one of the more shocking moments in recent WWE history. After all, Punk was one of the top guysa main event star that was trusted to carry the load in one high-profile match after another. His absence left a definite hole for WWE.

CM Punk
CM PunkCredit: WWE.com

That hole is apparently being filled by Cesaro, whose recent performance against Randy Orton on SmackDown has likely proven any doubters wrong.

The fact is that Cesaro was given an opportunity and more than took advantage of it. Cesaro did exactly what he was supposed to do and delivered what some fans believed was the best match of his WWE career.

However, that opinion could very well have changed after the February 17 edition of Raw.

Cesaro faced John Cena and this particular matchup is one that absolutely knocked out the WWE faithful. Cena saw nearly every move he used being countered by the very motivated Cesaro. In fact, Cesaro was actually given more than some fans perhaps felt he should have been. Again, only very recently has Cesaro been thought of as a potential main event star.

Nevertheless, the platform that was given to him was not wasted. Cesaro stepped up and proved to be more of a challenge for Cena than anyone could imagine.  He looked like a viable opponent for John and, even more importantly, looked very comfortable in that match.

He may have pinned Orton on SmackDown, but the truth is that was likely done just to make Cesaro appear like a legitimate threat to The Viper's WWE World Championship. So while the win was important, it does not necessarily mean that Cesaro will go over in the chamber match.

Cena may have pinned Cesaro on Raw, but the truth is that the end result is far less important than the match itself. Cesaro still looked strong, and when it was all over, it was obvious that WWE's No. 1 Superstar had given quite a bit to his opponent.  

This was likely done to see if Cesaro was truly ready for the spot that he is being given. He definitely proved he is.

Now, Cesaro is primed and ready for the Elimination Chamber.  He steps into the gigantic structure with Christian, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Cena and of course Orton.  Of all six men, Cesaro is the only one that has never been WWE or World champion.  

This has to be considered Cesaro's most important match and by far his biggest opportunity to date in WWE. If the past couple of weeks are any indication, he will not only shine in the chamber, he will absolutely steal the show.

The Elimination Chamber match will be contested for the WWE World Championship, but it's the opportunity to shine and once again prove himself that is the top prize for Cesaro.

Every time he's been tested, he's delivered.  This pay-per-view will be no different.