Potential Uses of Hulk Hogan Upon Rumored WWE Return

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 18, 2014

Potential Uses of Hulk Hogan Upon Rumored WWE Return

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    It looks like Hulk Hogan will be returning to WWE—maybe even as soon as next week if you believe the reports from PWInsider (via WrestlingInc).

    But just what does WWE have planned for the star going forward? Due his well-documented back issues, we can almost certainly rule out an in-ring return or any type of a heavily physical role. But, thankfully, there is still plenty of stuff for Hogan to do in America’s No. 1 wrestling promotion.

    In order of just how likely they are to happen, let’s have a look at them.

5. Raw General Manager

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    One natural role for Hulk Hogan upon his return is that of an authority figure. He also played this part very well during his TNA run. Come on, wouldn't it be great to see Hogan as Raw General Manager using his power to meddle and interfere with Triple H and Stephanie's evil plans?

    Of course, some would (validly) argue that WWE's flagship show already has too many authority figures (Triple H, Kane, Stephanie, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox, as well as Vince on occasion) and don't need another one, hence why this is ranked lower on this list.

4. Manager to a Wrestler

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    While Hogan getting back in the ring again is probably out of the question, could he return to action as a manager? While the 60-year-old probably would have to get physically involved at some point—it's nearly impossible to be a manager these days and not be—it wouldn't be nearly as risky or strenuous on his ailing back.

    Of course, no manager should ever completely upstage their client in terms of star power and crowd reaction, which Hogan would almost certainly do. It's easy to see some up-and-coming talent damaged by their association with Hogan instead of being aided by it. That's why this isn't a little higher on the list.


3. As an Ambassador for the Product

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    WWE doesn't have to just use Hogan in an on-screen role when he returns. Considering Hogan's various outside business projects and interests, he may not be interested in going back on the road on a regular basis anyway.

    Vince McMahon could make the call to use the Hall of Famer as a brand ambassador, someone who can go around schools and various PR events talking up WWE and its product. Mick Foley took on the same role after he retired—and to great success. No doubt the charismatic and personable Hogan would also perform well in the spot too.

2. Trainer at NXT

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    WWE has taken huge steps to improve its developmental center in the last year. Could management make another one and give Hogan a role in its training program? Granted, Hogan isn’t in any physical condition to be an in-ring instructor—and even when he was healthy that wasn’t his forte—but he could be a great promo and interview coach to the rookies. Who better to teach the students about personality and style than one of the most charismatic wrestlers ever?

1. Spokesman for the Network

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    With the WWE Network due to debut next week, who else can be a better spokesman for the fledgling channel than the biggest star in company history?

    It's very easy to see Hogan thriving on the network. He could host programs showing old WWF footage and participate in various roundtable discussions. He'd also be a great talking head on documentaries. Frankly, WWE would be deeply foolish not to have the star at the front and center of the network's PR push.