Jimmy Fallon Does Sochi Superlatives on 1st Episode of 'The Tonight Show'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 18, 2014

Whether you love him or wish him nothing but the worst things in life, Jimmy Fallon is the new king of late night television.

Fallon kicked off his first episode as host of The Tonight Show on Monday night with a hodgepodge of celebrity cameos and new material but also brought back his classic Late Night bit “Athlete Superlatives.”

Fittingly enough, this latest edition of superlatives zeroed in on athletes competing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. American snowboarder Chas Guldemond received an award for looking like someone who’d know a thing or two about house flipping. 

Screenshot via YouTube

Danny Davis, another U.S. snowboarder, was recognized for his philanthropic miracle-working. 

Screenshot via YouTube

Davis responded to his award over Twitter, proving he’s a “cup half full” type of guy.

Any press is good press?????? Thanks @jimmyfallon http://t.co/sxIbSE6lYO

— Danny Davis (@theDDeadshow) February 18, 2014

And let's not forget American ice dancer Charlie White, who gave up a promising career as a traveling bard to bring honor to his country. 

Screenshot via YouTube

Fittingly enough, the Olympics have not kept White away from his violin.

.@CharlieaWhite looking happy after his violin performance. #SochiTODAY pic.twitter.com/ZXnBt3a14v

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) February 18, 2014

In even more perfect news, White has already had a Game of Thrones house sigil developed in his honor.

House White (@CharlieAWhite), we made this #JoinTheRealm sigil for you http://t.co/tDSUh9suje #GameofThrones #Olympics @USFigureSkating

— Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 16, 2014

Nail on the head, Jimmy Fallon. You may not have been this author’s first choice for The Tonight Show, but you rocked this one.


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