Report: Potential WrestleMania Plans for Chris Jericho Revealed?

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 18, 2014


With the departureor rather, the rumored departureof CM Punk still up in the air, the WWE has apparently been working on some other talents to try and lure them back for WrestleMania XXX.

Chris Jericho hasn't been seen on WWE TV since last year, but apparently the company are keen to try and bring him back for the biggest show the company has hosted in some time.

According to Eric Arrington over at, Jericho could be returning to fight another guy who will be fresh on our TV screens:

With the ongoing concern over roster depth within WWE and Vince McMahon’s concerns over the WrestleMania XXX card, plus CM Punk’s future being up in the air, there is a renewed interest in bringing back Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho.

It was recently reported that Jericho wouldn’t be returning due to creative issues and that Van Dam was expected back in time for WrestleMania. Now word is they want Jericho back also.

A match with RVD vs. Jericho was pitched at a recent creative meeting but is not even close to being locked in at this point.

That is certainly a left field idea, and one that hasn't really been considered by many people in wrestling circles. However, the idea of bringing Jericho back to feud with a returning Rob Van Dam could have some substance.

It makes good business sense to have two returning guys take on each other. That way they don't interfere with the full-time talent and the rivalries they have been building up for some time.

There is also the prospect of a fantastic rivalry being recreated in front of our very eyes. The two have had some epic tussles from down the years, with a King of the Ring semi-final in 2002 a particular highlight.

Jericho and RVD also had a superb match back in 2003 for the Intercontinental Championship, in which Jericho played his heel role to perfection. That is the route you would imagine the company would take. It is almost impossible for Rob Van Dam to be a successful heel.

The technical ability and excitement of the two also makes it a potential good addition to the WrestleMania card. Here's hoping that it does come off.

Do you think Jericho vs. RVD at WrestleMania would be good for the show? Or would you prefer to see Jericho feud with someone else? Get involved with the debate below.