WWE Referee Blatantly Screws Randy Orton and Should be Fired Immediately

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 10, 2009

Someone needs to get fired for the crap that went down on the latest addition of Monday Night Raw.

During Randy Orton's WWE Championship rematch, the referee blatantly screwed Orton in a move that cost him the WWE title.

The stipulation was simple.

If Batista returned, he would have the opportunity to defend his WWE title, but if he failed to show up, he would be counted out, and Orton would rightfully become the WWE Champion.

I don't want to hear about it being unfair that Batista got beat down by Legacy.

If you are a WWE Superstar, facing the threat of physical encounters during non-match points is part of the job. Facing an attack from multiple men after you foolishly mess with a faction member is also a repercussion of your own stupidity.

But regardless of whether or not you feel that Legacy's group attacks are justified, one thing we do know with absolute certainty is that Batista started this conflict with Randy Orton.

It is an undeniable fact that it was Batista who turned on Orton when he was in Evolution and took part in a brutal beatdown of a man who had never once laid a finger on Batista prior to Batista attacking him first.

If you're looking for the man who cast the first stone, you can count three of them: Triple H, Batista, and Ric Flair—all of whom have been punted in the skull at one point in time.

None of these men would have ever been harmed by Orton had they not decided to brutalize him for no reason back in 2004.

So what Orton did to Batista on Raw was nothing more than a physical reaction to a feud that was all started by Batista's actions.

Randy Orton was rightfully entitled to a WWE Championship rematch.

The bell had rung, so the match officially began.

The referee was supposed to count to 10 in the event that Batista didn't show up to compete.

He shouldn't have stopped the count after seeing the ambulance. Batista was given time to return and knew when and where he had to be.

If the referee felt it was fair to stop the count to see if it was Batista coming out of the ambulance, fine.

But he had no right to refuse to count when he saw that it was Triple H—and not Batista—coming to the ring.

Triple H coming to the ring had absolutely nothing to do with Orton's WWE Championship rematch.

There was absolutely no justifiable reason for him to refuse to count, and his actions cost Randy Orton what would (and should) have been a guaranteed championship victory.

It might not seem like a big deal because Orton has been the champion on multiple occasions and will certainly compete in many more title matches.

All of that, however, is irrelevant.

Some superstars get only one opportunity, and it is not the right of the referee to randomly choose when and where to officiate properly.

This is not an oversight that should go unnoticed, and I feel that the referee should be severely punished for his unprofessional discretion.

Randy Orton should be awarded the WWE title, and instead of facing Triple H next week, he should get to face the referee in a No Holds Barred match.

That, ladies and gentlemen, would be much more appropriate than what happened last week on Raw.