NBA Trade Rumors: Latest Details Surrounding Evan Turner, Zach Randolph and More

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NBA Trade Rumors: Latest Details Surrounding Evan Turner, Zach Randolph and More
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At the moment, the nation is on fire with NBA trade rumors thanks to the deadline's rapid approach and so many teams in contention or ready to host a sale.

With one of the best draft classes in recent memory inbound, draft picks have been the name of the game for most so far this year at the halfway point.

Of course, players will also be on the move. While some names have been whispered for quite some time, there is at least one shocking name out there who may be on the move before the Feb. 20 deadline.

Evan Turner Draws Interest from Bobcats

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Fans have known Evan Turner is out there for a while now. The team is tanking whether anyone wants to call it how it is or not, and according to a report by Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the front office is looking for high picks in exchange for guys like Turner.

One team that may come calling is Charlotte, as the Bobcats are on the opposite end of the spectrum and seemingly want to contend. They currently sit with the No. 8 seed in the East at the break and are looking to add ammunition such as Turner, as Ken Berger of points out:

The Charlotte Bobcats, clinging to the eighth playoff spot in the East, will be aggressive buyers at the deadline, league sources say. The team's interest in Sixers guard Evan Turner is real. Philadelphia GM Sam Hinkie wants a first-round pick for Turner (and the same for Spencer Hawes). The Bobcats can offer their Detroit pick if they're serious about making a push.

Turner is a quality asset who averages 17.5 points and 5.9 rebounds per game. He has been erratic at best, but fits in Charlotte as someone who can get hot at the right time.

Crazier things have certainly happened at the deadline.

Spencer Hawes and the 1st-Round Pick Dilemma

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The fire sale in Philadelphia is real as the front office looks to make wholesale changes. Starting center Spencer Hawes, the 7'1" and 245-pound Washington product, is another name on the market the team may be willing to move. that

As Rotoworld's Aaron Bruski details, Hawes has not been brought up in anything specific, but he certainly has suitors and the Sixers would make a deal for a first-round pick:

Spencer Hawes has stayed out of any strong, specific rumors, though he was linked to Portland and the Mavs would certainly like to get him at the right price.  That’s the rub with him. The Sixers want a first rounder and in a vacuum he’s not worth it, but as a big man in the NBA somebody could decide that he’s worth a late first-rounder.

There is no alternate reality where Hawes is worth a first-round pick—especially with the impending draft class so littered with elite prospects. Hawes averages 13.2 points and 8.6 rebounds per game, but similar production is not difficult to find.

This is especially the case with Hawes getting plenty of opportunities on a horrible team.

While it makes sense that the Dallas Mavericks would have an interest for depth purposes, the only way they should make a move is if Philadelphia lowers its asking price. The 76ers have no leverage and teams such as Dallas can sweat them out at the deadline.

Zach Randolph a Sleeper Candidate to Move?

Look, the Memphis Grizzlies are not moving Zach Randolph, right?

Maybe. Nothing is a guarantee at the deadline and the last thing any fan should do is take something for granted.

As Bruski points out, Randolph is a sleeper to be moved and much of it may depend on Marc Gasol's health:

The Suns have also been linked to Zach Randolph in what would be the deepest of sleeper moves at the deadline, but for now Memphis appears to be cold on the idea of moving him and Marc Gasol’s knee situation may be a bellwether of whether or not that changes.

There is certainly an argument in favor of moving Randolph. He's aging rapidly at 32 and has a ludicrous $16.9 million player option. even lists him as one of the league's most overpaid players this season, writing, "A good inside scorer and rebounder for a long time, but Randolph’s 45.3% field goal percentage this year is his lowest since 2006."

Randolph is a great talent, but he may opt out in the summer anyway. He sounds as if he will stick around, but a lot can change between now and his time to re-up. Is that a gamble the Memphis front office wants to take—especially if a contender comes knocking with a great deal?

The powers in Memphis have a lot of questions to answer in a short amount of time.

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