I Have a Man-Crush on Alex Ovechkin

Ryan Senior Writer IApril 24, 2008

These days, it's hard to get attached to an athlete. They either lack the personality and charisma to be lovable, or they're so full of themselves that you hope they just go away.

Well, that entertaining, lovable star is here.

Ladies and gentlemen: I have a man-crush on Alex Ovechkin.

Coming into the league, everyone knew he had the tools to be an NHL superstar, but the usual questions were there. Can he adapt to the NHL? Can he get used to life in America?

It's pretty safe to say that Alexander the "GR8" has answered all the questions asked of him. Watching him play makes me think of everything I love about hockey: the speed, the intensity, the skill, and the passion.

Ovechkin, as toothless as a kid from London, Ontario, is all of that and then some. He's a kid on Christmas morning strapped to a pair of skates. With every goal he scores, he acts like it's his first, and maybe his last.

So, with my beloved Sabres out of the playoffs this season and my man-crush in full force, I decided to watch and root for the Caps as they took on the Flyers in the opening round of the playoffs.

Ovechkin was his usual self, flying around at 1,000 miles per hour, hitting anyone that got near him, and launching bullets at poor Marty Biron.

It's almost a shame that Marty has to wear a mask, because I'd love to see the look on his face as Ovechkin crosses the blue line with a full head of steam. This is the effect Alex has on people every night.

Looking like his Caps might be shown the door quickly, Ovechkin blew up in Game 6, collecting a pair of goals and nearly throwing himself through the boards in celebration.

But, as awesome as he was (he posted nine points in the seven-game series, not bad for a first timer), the Caps were shown the door in overtime in Game 7. Thus, the Ovechkin Viewing Experience came to an end this season.

Ovechkin should collect the Hart and Pearson trophies this season, along with the Rocket Richard. He should pick up next season where he left off with this one—I can't wait for that.

Let the man-crush continue.