LeBron James Rules the Streetball Courts as 'Judge James' in Powerade Commercial

Ken Chin@@thekenchinSocial Media StaffFebruary 17, 2014


We've all seen these guys on the court at the local park or rec center. They break all the unwritten rules of the pick-up game. 

Well, good thing LeBron James is here to lay down the law in "Streetball Court."

The first case? The guy who makes one shot and won't stop dancing: 

Judge James puts an end to that nonsense real quick. 

Next up? The "but I called a timeout guy."

Like any good judge, James makes his rulings quickly and decisively in the streetball court. 

Head over to Powerade for the rest of the laws in the Streetball Court with Judge James. 

[Powerade, h/t Beyond the Buzzer]