Biathlon Medal Results and Times from Olympic 2014 Women's 12.5km Mass Start

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistFebruary 17, 2014

Darya Domracheva
Darya DomrachevaKirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press

Darya Domracheva of Belarus made it a 2014 Winter Games gold-medal hat trick after she blew away the field in the women's 12.5-kilometer mass start on Day 10 in Sochi, Russia.    

After scoring gold in the 10-kilometer pursuit and the 15-kilometer individual events, Domracheva posted a total time of 35 minutes, 25.6 seconds on Monday—a time more than 20 seconds better than the nearest competitor—to grace the top of the podium. 

As Olivia Wittels of NBC Olympics pointed out before the race, a win would give Domracheva two slices of Olympic history:

Behind Domracheva's historic performance was silver medalist Gabriela Soukalova of the Czech Republic with a 35:45.8 mark.

The race for bronze between Norway's Tiril Eckhoff and Germany's Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle was the most interesting moment of all, which saw the former come away with the last podium spot to round out a group that simply ran away from the rest of the field:

Women's 12.5-kilometer Mass Start Results
Rank Bib Country Name Shooting Total Penalties Time Behind
1 2 BLR Darya Domracheva0+0+0+1 1 35:25.6 0.0
2 10 CZE Gabriela Soukalova0+0+0+1 1 35:45.8 +20.2
3 12 NOR Tiril Eckhoff0+1+0+0 1 35:52.9 +27.3
4 23 GER Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle0+0+0+0 0 35:53.9 +28.3
5 7 SLO Teja Gregorin0+0+0+0 0 36:05.0 +39.4
6 19 POL Monika Hojnisz0+0+0+0 0 36:20.5 +54.9
7 9 FIN Kaisa Makarainen0+0+1+1 2 36:27.1 +1:01.5
8 21 UKR Olena Pidhrushna0+0+0+0 0 36:37.1 +1:11.5
9 13 CZE Veronika Vitkova0+0+0+0 0 36:49.3 +1:23.7
10 5 SUI Selina Gasparin0+1+1+0 2 36:54.9 +1:29.3
11 17 FRA Anais Bescond0+0+3+0 3 36:55.3 +1:29.7
12 25 USA Susan Dunklee0+1+1+1 3 36:57.9 +1:32.3
13 11 UKR Valj Semerenko0+0+2+0 2 37:03.5 +1:37.9
14 18 ITA Karin Oberhofer0+0+1+1 2 37:03.6 +1:38.0
15 4 NOR Tora Berger0+1+1+0 2 37:07.8 +1:42.2
16 8 BLR Nadezhda Skardino0+0+1+1 2 37:08.0 +1:42.4
17 6 UKR Vita Semerenko0+0+1+0 1 37:16.1 +1:50.5
18 14 GER Andrea Henkel0+0+1+0 1 37:19.2 +1:53.6
19 29 POL Krystyna Palka1+0+1+0 2 37:33.9 +2:08.3
20 22 POL Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak1+0+2+1 4 37:35.2 +2:09.6
21 26 ROU Eva Tofalvi1+0+0+1 2 37:50.9 +2:25.3
22 3 RUS Olga Vilukhina1+0+0+1 2 38:05.3 +2:39.7
23 16 UKR Juliya Dzhyma0+0+2+2 4 38:10.8 +2:45.2
24 20 RUS Olga Zaitseva0+0+1+0 1 38:14.2 +2:48.6
25 28 NOR Ann Kristin Aafedt Flatland0+1+1+0 2 38:15.6 +2:50.0
26 24 ITA Dorothea Wierer1+2+0+0 3 38:37.4 +3:11.8
27 1 SVK Anastasiya Kuzmina0+2+2+1 5 38:50.3 +3:24.7
28 30 CAN Megan Imrie1+0+1+3 5 38:59.0 +3:33.4
29 15 GER Franziska Hilderbrand1+0+1+1 3 39:09.5 +3:43.9
27 SUI Elisa Gasparin0+1 1 DNF

After a flawless first shooting range, Domracheva jumped out to a six-second lead and never looked back. It was a blistering pace many were right to wonder if she could keep without error, but the only issue for the star from Belarus was a single miss at the shooting range—on her fourth trip with the gold all but assured.

The end result was reminiscent of how events played out in the 15-kilometer individual race, as Domracheva told reporters after that event the credit should go to her service man for being able to get away from Soukalova, via Julien Pretot of Reuters:

"On a few loops I was with (Czech Gabriela) Soukalova and she was following me easily so I was a bit concerned. I think everyone saw that I had fantastic skis, it's thanks to my service man."

Suffice to say, Domracheva and her skis were once again in top form on Day 10.

For the 24-year-old Soukalova, the silver medal and a place on the podium is a relief after finishing in fourth place in both the 10-kilometer pursuit and the 15-kilometer individual events.

While relief is the right feeling for Soukalova, utter shock is the best way to describe the performance from Norway's 23-year-old Eckhoff. She had finished no better than 18th in the prior three events before Monday's action.

America yet again extended its medal drought in the biathlon discipline in Sochi. However, fans can take solace in the fact that Susan Dunklee, the country's only representative on Monday, came in 12th—the best finish for U.S. women in Olympic history:

The host country had two representatives in front of fans, but Olga Vilukhina and Olga Zaitseva finished 22nd and 24th, respectively. The latter showed spectators early on in the race just how difficult the course truly was:

The brutal course was poetically dominated by Domracheva to end the individual women's biathlon events in Sochi.

Now, the focus shifts to relays, where Domracheva and Belarus should be the clear favorite. The mixed relay takes place on Wednesday, while the women's 4x6-kilometer relay takes place two days later.

Belarus figures to be a major player in both, especially thanks to the strong form of Nadezhda Skardino, who scored bronze in the 15-kilometer event.

As far as other contenders in the women's relay, Norway will obviously be strong thanks to Eckhoff and Tora Berger, while it would be unwise to sleep on the host nation considering Vilukhina won a silver in the 7.5-kilometer event recently.


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