Wayne Rooney's New Manchester United Contract Mocked by #RooneyContractDemands

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterFebruary 16, 2014

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 09:  Wayne Rooney of Manchester United looks dejected at the end of the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Fulham at Old Trafford on February 9, 2014 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Reports in the Sunday newspapers suggested that a deal that would keep Wayne Rooney at Manchester United for the rest of his career was on the brink of being completed.

The chatter suggested that Rooney would be paid £300,000 a week for the next five-and-a-half seasons, which caused some incredulity on Twitter:

Rooney is expected to sign a new five-and-a-year contract with #MUFC this week. £300k per week isn't bad either

— Ben Smith (@BenSmithBBC) February 16, 2014

£300,000 pounds a week for Wayne Rooney! £300,000 pounds a week for Wayne Rooney.

— James Tyler (@JamesTylerESPN) February 16, 2014

And given the way that contract talks have been drawn out and a deal did not appear certain for the second time in Rooney's United career, it was perhaps little surprise that Twitter started speculating as to what he might have wanted to cause the hold-up (as if £300k a week wasn't enough...).

After all, rumours have circulated—such as those in the Guardianthat United will now be keeping him in the loop on all planned transfer activity and look to ease him into the captaincy.

A hashtag #RooneyContractDemands was started, and some of the suggestions were less than kind:

Moyes to begin all team talks with a non-specific apology to Wayne. #RooneyContractDemands

— Arse2Mouse (@arse2mouse) February 16, 2014

@arse2mouse Stretford End to be renamed The Wazza Stand #RooneyContractDemands

— Always Red (@DarrylSquires1) February 16, 2014

The MUTV commentators have to refer to his "luxuriant hair" five or more times a game. #RooneyContractDemands

— Uncle Gnèpon (@gnepon) February 16, 2014

Monkey butler #RooneyContractDemands

— Nick Miller (@NickMiller79) February 16, 2014

Stereophonics tattoos for all new signings #RooneyContractDemands

— Craig English (@CraigEnglish92) February 16, 2014

Matchday Burger #RooneyContractDemands

— Adnan (@Mo_Adnan19) February 16, 2014

A guy to follow him around dressed as an official and receive regular volleys of abuse. #RooneyContractDemands

— Alex Christopher (@ThatIsMySurname) February 16, 2014

Skip full of fruit pastilles, delivered fortnightly. #RooneyContractDemands

— James Tyler (@JamesTylerESPN) February 16, 2014

@JamesTylerESPN hire Roy Chubby Brown as my private jester #RooneyContractDemands

— Will Herbert (@willherbert) February 16, 2014