Jamaican Bobsled Team Gets Own Theme Tune, Awesome Retro Video for Sochi 2014

The Jamaican bobsled team are back in business and competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi—and they have a theme song.

You can bet the rest of the teams at the top of the run don't have that.

Sidney Mills and Jon Notard penned the song, which has gone live just before the team begin their campaign Sunday.

As per Mashable's Laura Vitto:

According to the Jamaican Tourist Board, this groovy reggae tune, titled "The Bobsled Song," syncs perfectly with the Olympic bobsled track's twists and turns. If you start the song just as the Jamaican bobsled team begins its run, you'll have an amazing theme song that reflects the team's progress throughout the race.

And what's not to love? The tune is catchy enough on its own, but the video is something else, with an 8-bit video game-style montage of the Jamaican team heading down the track.