Tyson Fury vs. Joey Abell: Winner, Recap and Analysis

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Tyson Fury vs. Joey Abell: Winner, Recap and Analysis
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Tyson Fury scored a fourth-round stoppage victory over Joey Abell in London to run his winning streak to 22 fights.

With the win, he also got himself one step closer to a heavyweight title bout. 

The fight itself was everything you've come to expect from a Tyson Fury bout. He antagonized his opponent a bit and displayed some powerful offense. Of course, his defense was next to invisible, and he nearly opened himself up one time too many. It was a veritable potpourri of everything Fury.

After the match, Fury proclaimed himself the best heavyweight in the world and declared that he will win the title, per BoxNation:

BBC.com provided an additional statement from Fury discussing Dereck Chisora:

"I beat Chisora comfortably three years ago," said Fury. "He is a bum compared to me - I want [WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO champion] Wladimir Klitschko."


"Chisora is one-paced - left-hook then right-hand swing. He's useless," Fury told Box Nation. "I bring the action, every time I come to fight.

"I'm the best heavyweight on the planet. Bring them all on, I don't care."

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated questioned whether the 25-year-old is the future of the division, with his physique being particular uninspiring:

Asif Vali snapped a photo of Fury in the locker room before the fight, and it's hard to argue that he lacks the look of a real heavyweight contender:

Perhaps Fury knew that it wouldn't take much to dispatch Abell, so he took his conditioning a little lightly before the fight. The 32-year-old American was clearly overmatched in the ring. He had no answer for Fury's jabs and couldn't get in close without getting tagged with a couple of heavy blows.

Abell did get some offense in, but lacked any sort of sustained attack.

Things started well enough for the American, as he was at least able to make it through the first round without getting knocked out.

It would only be downhill from there.

Round 2 was a bit of a wash, as neither fighter could get an advantage, and it was in the third round that Fury would stamp his authority on the fight.

There was a bit of controversy, as he connected with a low blow on Abell after the referee called for a break. No points were deducted, and the fight went on.

Shortly thereafter the low blow, Fury sent Abell down to the mat. After the knockdown, Fury was so confident that it was over, he looked to have accidentally spit out his mouthpiece, talking to people outside of the ring.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

As the third round ended, Fury knocked Abell down to one knee, and at that point, you knew the fight would be over sooner rather than later.

The fourth round was only more of the same, and you could see the belief completely draining out of Abell. Each blow from Fury had taken a heavy toll on the American, and eventually he couldn't take any more.

Stopping the fight was more an act of mercy than anything else.

Although Fury was the clear winner, he didn't do much to silence his critics and look like a genuine top contender. Against a more talented fighter, he's gonna be in a lot of trouble.

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