Batista's Rise and Fall Due to Legacy

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

I am in total shock! Last night, RAW was more exciting than pay-per view event Xtreme Rules, was on Sunday eveving (the Jeff Hardy-Edge match was the best match with Punk coming in afterwards).

Right from the very beginning there was something in the air. It could've been excitement from the previous evening or it could've been tension because of the results of Xtreme Rules. Whatever it was, you could just feel it.

Plenty had happened Sunday night and on RAW. I can tell you that Batista beat Randy Orton for the belt and last night on RAW Orton came out. He went into the ring when Batista was trying to celebrate his victory. Legacy came from behind. I think Batista was half expecting it.

He was holding his own until he was hit with a chair in the shoulder by Cody Rhodes when the animal was trying to give Orton the Batista Bomb. He was in pain but what came next was horrorifying.

Orton and Legacy were able to get Batista down on the mat, beat him, and then Orton put his arm through a chair, twisting it and bending it backwards. The animal was screaming in pain. I've never seen him like that before.

Batista was escorted to the back, put into a waiting ambulance, and taken to a local medical facility. Before leaving the ring, Batista told Orton that he was going to get even with him. Orton even stole the belt.

Why does GM manager Vickie Guerrero let incidents like that happen? What does she get from it? She was even going as far as honoring Orton's rematch clause and she actually was going to let Randy fight Batista, even though he was in the hospital with an injured arm and shoulder. If he didn't make it back to the arena for the match by the end of the 10 count, that meant Randy would win the belt back.

Orton and Vickie made the rules but when it was time for the match, it wasn't Batista that came out (Orton didn't win the belt) but thats another story. All I can say right now is that Orton got the beating and the shock of his life.