NBA Celebrity All-Star Game 2014: Celebs Who Will Play Like All-Stars

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2014

NBA Celebrity All-Star Game 2014: Celebs Who Will Play Like All-Stars

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    NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us, and there's only one mystery left to be unraveled.

    We all know the actual All-Star Game will be filled with jams, guys playing out of position and zero defense. We've come to expect an underwhelming dunk competition, which appears will be the case again this year.

    The only anomaly left is the Celebrity Game, which may be the most entertaining aspect of All-Star Weekend.

    With that said, the following are five celebrities who will show up big and ball out this weekend. Some are veterans; others are new jacks with something to prove. They'll all be hot-saucing it up in the hopes of bringing home the holiest grail—the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP Award.

Arne Duncan (East)

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    If you haven't figured out who Arne Duncan is by now, allow me to introduce you to the U.S. Secretary of Education.

    While that may not sound like someone you'd expect to run up the score in a basketball game, there are a few things you need to know about Duncan.

    First, he's 6'5"—a veritable giant among the other celebrities at the game. Second, he was a first-team Academic All-American on the Harvard basketball team back in the day. He also played pro ball in Australia.

    This weekend will be Duncan's third consecutive All-Star Game. He gets rebounds and buckets and makes brilliant passes. He'll be in the building, and he'll be killing them again this year.

Michael B. Jordan (West)

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    I'm going out on a limb with this one, but I'm calling for Michael B. Jordan to have a big game.

    The actor will be playing with a chip on his shoulder after his riveting performance in Fruitvale Station went criminally under-appreciated by the Academy.

    Jordan doesn't have an extensive basketball background but was coordinated enough to be a believable quarterback in NBC's Friday Night Lights. Also, his name is Michael Jordan, which has to count for something, or the system is broken.

Kristen Ledlow (East)

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    Kristen Ledlow might've lost to Shaq in a free-throw-shooting competition, but she had stones to issue the challenge.

    The NBA TV personality played basketball and volleyball in college and could surprise some people this weekend. I see her leaping up for a rebound and catching Kevin Hart with an elbow on the way down, which is a hilarious prospect in its own right.

    Ledlow with 10 points and five rebounds. Book it.

Columbus Short (East)

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    Columbus Short may not be a basketball player, but the man is skilled in the ways of coordination.

    Before landing a role on ABC's Scandal, Short was a dancer and skilled choreographer. He starred in Stomp the Yard and choreographed Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel Tour.

    How will this translate to hoops? We shall see, but I'm willing to take a flyer and bet on Short to stake his territory in the Celebrity All-Star Game. The guy can move.

Kevin Hart (West)

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    Joe Murphy/Getty Images

    Kevin Hart is not your ideal size for roundball. 

    At 5'2", Hart is about as tall as an inspired stump, but the comedian is a two-time NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP, and he makes up for his lack of length with sheer hustle and trash talk.

    No one takes a scrimmage more seriously than Kevin Hart—just ask Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. The two R&B singers challenged Hart and his buddies to a game of pickup in 2012, and the comedian's squad showed up rocking custom-made shirts for the occasion.

    Hart has already said he has big plans for this year's game. "If I [win MVP this year], I'm gonna do what every great champion does," Hart said. "I'm gonna take my jersey off, I'm gonna take my shorts off and then I'm gonna take my tights off and I'm gonna walk off naked."

    So there's that.