The Animal Getting Wounded Is A Plus For Him And The WWE

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJune 9, 2009

Well it's official, Batista is out again!

During Monday Night Raw Batista broke his arm. Legacy was beating on Batista. They put Batista's arm through a chair. And as Orton started pulling it he got to a point where he broke Batista's arm. There isn't just one part that's broken. There a few areas where he broke it. This injury will require the WWE champion to miss at least four months I believe.

This means we will be crowning a new WWE champion next Monday Night Raw. That's Batista's second straight 8 day title reign. Some of you maybe reading this and saying "Ha. No Batista for 4 months, this is great. You gotta feel for the man though. To win a championship and then lose it just like that. That will hurt anyone on the inside even if this is scripted. No matter what sport it is championships mean a lot. And for him to once again lose it so quickly has gotta hurt. 

If it was just a scripted lose it wouldn't be that dsicouraging to the man, but since he lost it on account of injury that is just painful, on the inside and outside. I wish Batista a successful recovery.

Now let's see what will happen with the WWE Championship with Batista injured...

Since there is a WWE championship match next week there will be a new champ crowned. Here are some of the things that can happen.

Randy Orton def. Dave Batista(forfeit)

The WWE may not alert the audience that Batista is injured and may make him defend the title against Randy. Due to him not showing up the the title will be awarded to Orton.

HHH def. Randy Orton(pinfall)

There are two ways this might happen. One way is that Batista doesn't show up and Orton gets awarded the title. The GM of Raw will still demand a real match so he will make Orton face The Game and the Cerebral Assassin will take down the Legend Killer.

The other way is that they just tell the audience that Batista is out and make it HHH Vs Orton for the Vacant WWE Championship. And obviously Trips gets the win.

HHH def. Orton by DQ(Orton retains)

It's simple...

Batista doesn't show up,

Orton gets the title,

GM announces that HHH will contend for the title,

Orton gets himself DQed on purpose.

John Cena def. ________(pinfall)

You can't honestly forget the biggest title hog in the WWE, John Cena. I think there should be no question that he will be thrown into the mix somehow. Maybe beating Orton, or Show, or Miz or I don't know. I think there is a good chance Cena will get involved in this.

MVP def. Randy Orton(pinfall)

Now this is the smart thing to do. Get MVP involved in the feud between Legacy and the Game by having him side with Triple H. This will be the smart move. Sadly, I don't think Vince gives a damn about MVP. Sigh.

So those are just some possibilities.

The Return of the Animal

There are two great ways the animal can return to Monday Night Raw.

They could either have Orton as the champ and when he returns they can bring the Orton/Batista feud back to life with a fresh Batista.

Or the one that I like more...

They could have Triple H as champion and when Batista comes back he could be something like...

"Triple H, I'm glad you took care of Orton, but that thing your carrying is mine!"

"I'm sorry Dave, but when you left it became mine."

And that could be the start to a great feud. Where they can finally make Batista a heel. That would be the smart thing to do, but knowing the WWE I can't say there's a good chance it'll happen.

Downtime For The Animal

With Batista having time to train I expect him to come back stronger than ever. The last time he got a break he did come back strong, but after like 4 weeks he began to slow down again. This is something we as the fans do not want to see. We want to see a guy who truly acts like an animal and not a guy who just passes for one. We want to see the guy that we saw in the HHH Vs Batista feud. We wanna see the man who tore down the house at WM 23. We wanna see that raised his game to a high level in the match against John Cena! Basically we want a true animal and not a poser.

Batista your future is in your hands. And I suggest you take the right steps to bettering yourself!