Knockout Spotlight: ODB

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

Why she's GOOD:

ODB's got a natural ability to make a character work. As the flask drinking, foul mouthed tough as nails wrestler, ODB plays it to a charm. She's got solid wrestling skills to back up everything about her, and can take many of her fellow Knockouts to the limits. Despite spending most of her time in WWE developmental, she doesn't have the stigma of a WWE wannabe. She made the most of her time there, and continues to be an impressive wrestler.

Why she's BAD:

The gimmick, as good as it is has gotten stale. Instead of really getting the chance to capitalize on her popularity and give the Knockouts Championship a serious run, ODB has now been stuck in a "date me/host" run, and it's just not working. Despite her popularity she's been pushed to the side for the newcomers and unfortunately has been ignored.

What she brings to TNA:

ODB brings fun, entertainment, and natural abilities. Her gimmick is quite original at least from a women's standpoint, and has created a nice fan base for herself. Hopefully, she can focus more on the wrestling aspect of being in TNA and finally capture the TNA Knockouts title.

Next week I take a look at WWE's Kelly Kelly and Layla. Stay tuned.