How Football Clubs, Footballers, WAGs Marked Valentine's Day on Instagram

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterFebruary 14, 2014

How Football Clubs, Footballers, WAGs Marked Valentine's Day on Instagram

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    Valentine's Day is a wonderful time for two people in love to spend a bit of time together.

    Of course, if you're a football club on social media, you might feel a little bit left out by it all. 

    No matter—you can always send out your fanbase a romantic wish or two.

    Here's a round-up of some of football's best and worst messages on Valentine's Day. Keep checking back as we add the best through the day. 

Manchester United

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    "One love, one club," say Manchester United.

    It's an ode to monogamy. 

    Unfortunately, fans have been used to spending Valentine's Day with Sir Alex Ferguson for the last quarter of a century, rather than David Moyes. 

Atletico Madrid

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    "We love football," say Atletico Madrid. "Do you?"

    Well, yes—but that's probably a misunderstanding of what today's about and inadvisable to say to your loved one.

    Unless your loved one is a football club.

    In which case, they still probably won't bother to say it back. 

Bayern Munich

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    If you are going to write your loved one a Valentine's Day card, remember Bayern Munich's two golden rules:

    1. Always repeat your message three times
    2. Use a club-branded pen 

Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix

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    Kevin de Bruyne has a lovely message for his partner, Michele Lacroix:

    "You look like you drawn by an artist my valentine," he writes.

    She may well do, Kevin. However, in this particular case, Lacroix looks like she was drawn by an artist who's a bit nervous about drawing faces. 


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    Say it with a cartoon Leo Messi, and some cartoon roses, or don't say it at all. 


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    "I love you," Juventus almost say.

    Rather than celebrate your other half, the Italian giants want you to spend the day with the Old Lady instead.

    "I #LoveJu because..." they hashtag. The rest is up to the fans.

    "Galatasaray" is the best answer we've seen so far—a reference to the Turkish team knocking Juventus out of the Champions League earlier this season. 

Kaka and Caroline Celico

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    Everything's come up roses for Kaka since he's returned to AC Milan (apart from the team's form, of course, given they're currently languishing in 11th in Serie A).

    His message for Caroline Celico—to whom he's been married since 2005—is not only infused with exclamation marks, but even hashtagged: "My beloved one, forever !!! #valentinesday"

    It looks like the picture might have been lifted straight out of a fashion catalogue, but then that's probably jealousy talking. 

David Luiz

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    We're fairly sure that David Luiz has not painted this message into the grass at Chelsea's Cobham training ground, but for those of you looking for a grand footballing gesture for your other half, perhaps this is it.

    Just don't paint Luiz in the corner. Or do. Whatever works for you. 

AC Milan

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    AC Milan have made a video montage of fans getting romantic while wearing the Milan kit and/or attending the team's matches.

    Adorable, if you like that sort of thing.

Victoria Beckham (for David?)

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    You'd assume Victoria Beckham was sending out a message for her husband, but then the previous Valentine's Day Instagram was dedicated to her "fashion bunnies," so you just can't be sure.

    The message is clear: If you're going to dish out some love, do so with cartoonish aggression. 

Andy Carroll and Billi Mucklow

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    Billi Mucklow, partner of Andy Carroll, looks loved up this morning on social media.

    Then again, that would appear to be because he remembered to buy some flowers.

Fernandinho and Wife Glaucia

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    This is, really, the classic Valentine's Day picture. Nothing too ostentatious or contrived, and a textbook message:

    "Happy Valentine's day my love,my other half...I love you."

Cesc Fabregas and Daniella Semaan

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    Either Cesc Fabregas got partner Daniella Semaan those flowers... or their son did.

    We'll let you be the judge.

Robinho and Mrs Robinho, VIvienne Guglielmetti

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    A lovely ring-based gesture between the pair, meant for only the two of them, with all the Instagram community for company.

    Robinho and Vivienne have been married since 2009, back in the days when the Brazilian was turning out for Manchester City.


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    Stealing Gareth Bale's heart gesture is surely not the most loving way Neymar could have marked the day.

    Hopefully he at least bought him a card to say thanks.