Heyman Hustle Remembers a Gorgeous Night at Studio 54

Tim ListAnalyst IJune 9, 2009

Heyman Hustle Remembers A Gorgeous Night At Studio 54

The Heyman Hustle website, which is being re-launched with new content later this month, has been teasing fans with some great pictures from extreme genius Paul Heyman's early days as not only a manager of Austin Idol, Tommy Rich, The Original Midnight Express, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert, and Mean Mark "The Undertaker" Callous, but also of Heyman's days as a photographer and producer at New York City's famed hot spot, Studio 54.
Heyman worked at Studio 54 in the 1985-86 era, and debuted as a wrestling manager ("Paul E. Dangerously") in 1987.
The 1985 Studio staff included "Law and Order" and "Oz" star Christopher Meloni and soap opera sex symbol Charles Alvarez as bartenders; famous guests on a nightly basis included the likes of Cher, Boy George, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Liza Minelli, Andy Warhol, Diane Keaton, and many others.
If Studio 54 was open today, it would be where Barack Obama would take his wife when they come into NY for a Broadway show, and Rush Limbaugh would decry how terrible it is.
Maybe it's where Bill Clinton would be found chasing women!
A very cool look back at what The Mad Scientist of Extreme was doing outside of the wrestling biz almost 25 years ago
We're trying to get a comment from Heyman himself on Tommy Dreamer winning the WWE version of the ECW Title. More updates as they happen.