Bray Wyatt Will Establish Himself as WWE's Top Heel

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 13, 2014


Bray Wyatt is poised to make quite the impression on the WWE main event scene in 2014—a title run is possible, maybe even likely.

Since debuting in July 2013, Wyatt, along with evil henchmen Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, has cast a long, scary shadow over the company.

The gang's nefarious tactics—they've kidnapped more than one member of the roster—and Wyatt's rambling, unsettling promos widely diverge from most of the acts in WWE right now.

They really do stand out, which strongly works in their favour at a time when few things do.


Impressively, Bray has also proven over the last few months that he is more than capable of holding his own in the ring too.

His bout at the Royal Rumble against Daniel Bryan—in which he went over in a credible manner—was terrific and easily a highlight of the show. Being in there with a wrestler like Bryan undoubtedly helped, but Bray more than held his own.

Not only did the pay-per-view prove Wyatt's worth as a wrestler, it also served as the first step in his ascension to the main event scene when he ran out and cost John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship during Cena's match with Randy Orton.


While things have simmered down between the pair since the Rumble—Wyatt is feuding with The Shield and Cena is in the Elimination Chamber—it appears inevitable that the two will come to blows at some point soon.

Reports from, via WrestlingInc, indicate that Wyatt and Cena are set to clash at WrestleMania XXX. Assuming this is true, this will be a huge step up the ladder for the former NXT wrestler. Few upper-midcarders are given a high-profile feud with the biggest name in the company in one the biggest events of the year.


Of course, it's not all smooth sailing for Wyatt from here. He still has to hope the writing team will continue to book him and his friends appropriately.

More than a few rising stars have floundered after being exposed to terrible and counterproductive booking (Dolph Ziggler, anyone?). And it would be a real shame to see Wyatt joining an already depressingly long list.

Hopefully, WWE won't continue to be as fiercely overprotective with Cena in this feud as it usually is, and Bray will be given the chance to look strong and credible. Cena could even lose to the star on April 6, and it is hard to see how it would affect his status in any negative way.

At this point, he’s surely bulletproof.  

There is little doubt that Bray can be a major name in 2014he just needs a little extra support from the booking team.