Ranking the Most Insane Fans in All of Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2014

Ranking the Most Insane Fans in All of Sports

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    Every single sports fan thinks that they're numero uno. The belle of the ball. The one who is so insane that no other person can even come close to both the knowledge or passion they have about a team.

    Yet, here I am, sitting and writing a piece about the most insane fans because, well, some are a lot more nuts than others.

    And since each sport has that one fan who is associated with doing something crazy for their team, I have the dubious honor of finding which one is the most insane—so here goes.

David Cline

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    While many readers will more than likely be familiar with a lot of these fans on this list, this guy might not be as recognizable.

    That doesn't mean he should get overlooked.

    His name is David Cline, and he's just about the biggest Tennessee Titans fan anyone has ever heard of.

    Although his Titans have only made one Super Bowl appearance since relocating to Nashville—and that was in 1999—Cline has made it a tradition to camp out the day before season tickets go on sale—even though he doesn't have to fight a crowd in order to get them.

    That takes more commitment than a marriage if you ask me.

Spike Lee

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    As great of a writer and director as Spike Lee is, he might even be better at cheering for his New York Knicks—because he has become just as much of an opponent as any of the five guys out on the floor wearing uniforms.

    I don't need to remind you of the impact he had back when the Knicks were one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, frequently getting into it with opposing players—none bigger than his rivalry with former Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller.

    Though Lee is makes a case as the best of the best amongst celeb sports fans, he's lacking that drama he once had with Miller in the '90s.

Fireman Ed

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    He may have retired from his post of leading the famous J-E-T-S cheers at New York Jets games back in 2012, but real-life fireman Ed Anzalone's legend is still strong amongst Gang Green.

    That's because for over 30 years, Fireman Ed was the voice of his fellow Jets fans, representing the thousands in attendance by playing the role of hype man quite nicely.

    It's what got him inducted into the Visa Hall of Fans in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and one reason why Jets players want him to come back to the stands.

The Portland Timbers Army

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    If you've never been to an MLS game, you're missing out.

    If you've never experienced an MLS game in Portland, then I want to know what in the hell you're waiting for, because it's the best atmosphere in the States to watch a match.

    Although their home stadium isn't the biggest in the league, Portland Timbers fans don't hold back their love for their team, being the only cheering section who have ever sung the national anthem before a game—as they did in this video.

    A packed house, belting their lungs out in a steady downpour—that's devotion.

John Adams

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    I'm a Cleveland guy, so the name John Adams is one that is dear to my heart.

    That's because Adams—who has been the drummer at nearly every Cleveland Indians home game since Aug. 24, 1973—has gotten my butt out of the seat plenty of times whenever I've seen the Tribe play.

    Sure, there are plenty of fans who pay lots of money for season tickets and attend every home game. But there are few as influential as Adams, who helps motivate the fans to cheer, while also bringing hope to the home dugout to start a rally—and it doesn't appear that he's planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Jack Nicholson

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    As I mentioned with New York Knicks diehard Spike Lee, just because actor Jack Nicholson is famous, doesn't mean he isn't as insane as they come.

    Always on the sideline between the scorer's table and the visiting bench at Los Angeles Lakers games, Jack is often seen hamming it up with opposing players and coaches, while also working the refs to try to get some sort of small advantage.

    Hell, he even has the power to get other fans—and celebrities in their own right—to be escorted away from him if he finds them to be a threat in "his" cheering section.

    L.A. is all about glam. And a huge part of that scene is seeing Nicholson at Lakers games.

Harvey Updyke Jr.

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    I honestly hate talking about this guy, but there's no denying that obsessed Alabama Crimson Tide supporter Harvey Updyke Jr. is one of the most passionate sports fans around.

    It's one thing to just name kids in honor of the school—with his two sons bearing the names Bear and Crimson Tyde—but it's a completely different story when he actually does something such as poisoning the famed oak trees on the campus of Alabama's biggest rival, Auburn.

    We all know what happened for his boneheaded decision, as Updyke Jr. got arrested and forced to pay damages.

    Still, that didn't stop him from admitting after the most recent game between the two schools that he'd do the same thing if he could.


Buck-I-Guy and Big Nut

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    If you're an Ohio State Buckeyes football fan—as I am—then these two guys are about as familiar to you as a brother or sister, because they can be found each time the Bucks take the gridiron.

    Though both are recognized donning the scarlet and gray, "Big Nut"—whose real name is Jon P. Peters—gained recognition as an applicant for ESPNs Fan Hall of Fame this past year.

    That's not to say that Buck-I-Guy—or John Chubb—isn't just as diehard, though.

    The scarlet-mustachioed man is regularly the one cameramen find first, rocking a white jump suit, eye black, OSU cape and cowboy hat—with his signature barehanded six-shooters firing at the camera.

Vancouver Canucks Green Men

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    In the 69 years of their existence, the Vancouver Canucks have never won a single Stanley Cup—which is extra difficult for fans seeing how the trophy's name comes from the city's own backyard.

    That's why the Green Men are so crucial—because they hope the team's fate lies with them.

    Often seen harassing and taunting opposing players while in the penalty box, the duo performs crazy acrobatics and dances to take a guy off of his game.

    Not only have they been featured on various news outlets, but the NHL actually tried cracking the whip on them back in 2009 too, showing them just how influential they really are.

    Now that's respect.

Dick Coffee

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    Most of us might not recognize this guy's name, but make no mistake that Dick Coffee is widely-considered to be one of the biggest sports fans to ever live.

    Before he passed away last summer, Coffee was present at every single Alabama Crimson Tide football game from 1946 until the 2013 national title win down in Miami against Notre Dame.

    For all you out there who want to know, that's a streak of 781 consecutive games, stretching from his freshman year in Tuscaloosa to his death bed.

    The good majority of us won't attend that number of games in our lifetime, yet Dick Coffee did it every single time the Tide took the field—home, away or neutral.

The Seattle Seahawks 12th Man

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    Yes, the home of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks might have been designed to be loud, but CenturyLink Field isn't going to break noise records without fans going ape in that place.

    So what makes playing in the Great Northwest so difficult—with the Hawks going 15-1 in their last two seasons in the Emerald City? The 12th Man, of course.

    With a cast of characters leading the charge—like Tim Froemke, who spends three hours getting ready as Seahulk—the 12th Man makes any opponent fear for their eardrums each time they take the field in Seattle.

    Don't forget, these are the same fans who caused an earthquake by cheering so loud—twice!

Cameron Crazies

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    As a University of Kentucky grad, I'm sure there will be some heat tossed my way with adding the rivaled Duke Blue Devil "Cameron Crazies" atop my list, but they are the preeminent fans in all of sports.

    With a bunch of creative ideas, raucous cheers and no shame in distracting their opponents, the Cameron Crazies have helped the Blue Devils men's basketball team own a 351-33 home-court advantage in the past 25 years—including nine undefeated home records, with a possibility of a 10th this season.

    That's some impressive stuff.