One Last Run for Croation Cop?

Miles MatsuokaContributor IJune 9, 2009

To sum up the career of Mirko "Cro Cop" Filivopvic, all one needs to do is look a the list of top ranked fighters he has put to sleep with his devastating head kick. Some names include Wanderlei Silva, Alexsander Emelianenko, Antonio Nogueira. There is no doubt that Mirko Cro Cop was once one of the most feared strikers in the heavyweight division, but does he have one last last title run in him? I would have to say no.

Cro Cop is going to face Mostapha Al Turk this Saturday at UFC 99, and this could be his make or break fight. A loss would lead to the end of his fighting career, and a win could potentially get him in the top 10 of UFC heavyweights. But does he have a chance at a title? To answer that question one just has to look at the top heavyweights in the UFC right now. Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Cheick Kongo, and Shane Carwin: all of these fighters are at, or near their prime, and to say Mirko Cro Cop has a chance at beating one of them, I could not agree.

However, Mirko Cro Cop is not a washed up fighter. I would give him a good chance to have a potential rematch with Gabriel Gonzaga, or even maybe another fight with Heath Herring...that's if he can get past Mostapha Al Turk.

In his UFC debut, Al Turk was destroyed by Cheick Kongo and he was shown to be very vulnerable on the ground. If the fight stays standing, I have no doubt that Cro Cop will pull out the victory. The victory would have to come with the reintroduction of the move that has made him so feared in the MMA world, the left head kick. In his brief UFC stint back in 2007, Cro Cop was defeated twice, and he did not throw a single head kick. In order for him to have any success in 2009, he needs to bring back the head kick. At UFC 99, I see Cro Cop winning by head kick KO in the second round. Will we see the end of a legendary career, or a revitalized killing machine ready to get back into the UFC ranks?