Epic Athlete Facepalms

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterFebruary 15, 2014

Epic Athlete Facepalms

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    What makes us facepalm?

    Disappointment? Shame? A mixture of both? The exact science behind the facepalm remains murky, but we know it happens when the human body can no longer deal with the ineptitude playing out before its very eyes.

    The following are a number of epic athlete facepalms. We don't always know why they're applying liberal amounts of palm to their face, but we know that they've reached a point where looking others in the eye was no longer an option.

Alonzo (in) Mourning

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    "Oh, no. 'Digits.' He actually called them 'digits.' I can't believe it."

    Is Alonzo Mourning upset over a bad call? Or just coming to grips with the Sisyphean task of wingmanning for Chris Andersen?


Kobe Can't Look

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    The Los Angeles Lakers defense—or whatever you would call that thing they do when the other team has the ball—is figuratively killing Kobe Bryant this season. 

    Exhibit A:

    [GIF via Fansided.com]

Facepalm Favre

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    "Dah! Forgot to retire again!"

    Every year he meant to set a reminder on his phone to quit the game, but somehow Brett Favre always managed to get caught up text messaging friends. 

Dueling Facepalms

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    "How would you respond to critics who question your 'clutch-ness'?"

    At a certain point, the Miami Heat learned to just ignore these questions.


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    Known for his vibrant sideline demeanor, Jay Cutler is often seen chatting up teammates and yucking it up on the Chicago Bears bench.

    You just can't get this guy to think negatively.

Shanked It

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    Sometimes you slice it into the pond, other times you commit serial acts of infidelity that become a titanic public scandal.

    The point is, life is full of hazards. Try to keep to the fairway.

Facepalm Tom

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    When Peyton Manning sprays his awesomeness everywhere, all you can do is cover your face and pray it comes out of your hair.


Facepalm Pau

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    The Lakers' practice ended on an awkward note when Swaggy P decided to shoot his last 50 free throws in the nude. 


The Great Duncan Depression

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    Losing the 2013 NBA Finals stung, but remembering he left the panini iron on back at the hotel was the blow that broke Tim Duncan.

Unhappy Hibbert

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    "Aw, naw. I ain't falling for that one again!"

    Officials said they wanted to show Roy Hibbert "this really hard maze video" on the review monitor, but he wasn't going to bite on that one twice.

Ooh That Smell

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    Losing to the Thunder in the 2012 postseason was disappointing, but Gregg Popovich's steady diet of raw onions and Greek yogurt was the factor that pushed Manu Ginobili over the edge.

LeTired of This Crap

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    No one liked it the first time, but LeBron James persisted in touching his eyeballs with his fingers during every TV timeout.

Facepalm Philip

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    After storming to a 24-0 lead, the San Diego Chargers managed to lose a 2012 game to the Denver Broncos by a final score of 34-24. 

    The breakdown caused Philip Rivers to begin praying to the Overmind for help, to no avail.

Tulowitzki in Repose

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    Taking a nap? Conversing with the gremlins inside his helmet?

    I don't know what Troy Tulowitzki was doing here, but it looks like a good way to asphyxiate yourself.

Being Mike

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    If it weren't for paternity suits and the Charlotte Bobcats, Michael Jordan would be the most bored, happiest person on the face of the planet. 



No Money Mo Problems

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    "'Trust Drew Rosenhaus,' they said. 'He'll take care of the money,' they said." 

    Terrell Owens had plenty to smile about in his prime, but a crush of failed investments and child support payments have left him broke and struggling to keep checks from bouncing. 

    It's alright, T.O. There's always money in the banana stand. 

Dallas Blues

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    Every year is "Dallas' year."

    The pistons are firing on offense, Romo is making solid decisions and Cowboys Stadium packs it in for the big turnaround. 

    Then December hits, and this happens.

Alligator Tears

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    Losing to Kent State in the 2012 College World Series wasn't fun for the University of Florida, but some Gators took the loss harder than others.