WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Stars Who Will Earn WrestleMania Spotlight

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIFebruary 13, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Stars Who Will Earn WrestleMania Spotlight

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    The chamber cometh.
    The chamber cometh.Image by WWE.com

    It is almost time for Elimination Chamber!

    Just a week-and-a-half to go before the WWE Universe witnesses bodies being torn apart within the confines of a cage.

    All right, perhaps not so much...unless Brock Lesnar is denied a World title shot yet again.

    The next pay-per-view event will truly determine who is fit and worthy enough to be a part of WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans on April 6, and a word to the wise would be for everyone involved to be at the top of their game.

    The following night on Raw will already be eventful, what with the announced returns of Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. Therefore, the few who will come out of the PPV better be ready to outdo themselves even more.

    The following slides will put a spotlight on some of the names that fans should keep an eye on after February 23.

    Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Batista, Brock Lesnar and WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton have already secured their place at 'Mania, but who else will make the cut?

    Who will have fought and clawed his/her way to a place next to the greats at the show of shows?

    Let's take a look.

Antonio Cesaro, or Is It Just Cesaro Now?

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    Success.Image by WWE.com

    Antonio Cesaro, il campione, is a fast-rising Superstar who, without a shadow of a doubt, may be the physically strongest man on the roster.

    Bouncing others from corner to corner and holding them by the legs and spinning around countless times is remarkable.

    He is finally getting a real chance this time by being part of the championship match at Elimination Chamber. Inside, there will be no Jack Swagger and no Zeb Colter, so this awesome powerhouse will show the entire world what he is capable of.

    If he can manage to eliminate a top dog such as Sheamus or John Cena, the doors to stardom will open for him immediately.

    An early prediction would be that Cesaro is WWE's Money in the Bank winner of 2014. This is just the start, honestly.

    Having him appear on the card is a sign that the company has faith and is willing to go on ahead with a well-deserved push.

    So far, Antonio has been mildly successful since arriving in WWE.

    A long United States title run and helping advance the tag team division alongside Jack Swagger are indeed fine, but it is time for more.

    At WrestleMania XXX, Cesaro will be a part of the main card, and if he isn't battling Big E Lagnston for the Intercontinental Championship, he will fight someone like Sheamus or perhaps a returning Chris Jericho.

    Nothing is certain right now, but it is definitely looking good for the Swiss stallion.

    Regardless of where he ends up on the card, it will be noteworthy, make no mistake about it.

Big E Langston

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    The IC champion.
    The IC champion.Image by WWE.com

    The Intercontinental champion is massive.

    He is the WWE's true second-tier champion and needs to take full control of his position.

    Who will stand in his way, honestly?

    It is time for a unification match between the IC and U.S. titleholders, but the path for that has not yet been revealed, so Big E must continue to make examples out of everyone in his path.

    At WrestleMania XXX, all the championships must be on the line. It is the biggest night of the year, and since it's No. 30, there is no room for little things anymore.

    If WWE is really sincere about putting this guy over, then it needs to have him battle someone of great importance or significance.

    Someone like the up-and-coming Roman Reigns or a master of his craft like Chris Jericho, who could make a title match shine like few others.

    The interesting part about Y2J would be that if he wins, it would mark the beginning of his 10th reign as Intercontinental champion. That doesn't happen everyday.

    Big E Langston kind of reminds us of John Cena in a way: young, strong and ready to take control of his destiny. 

    Here is another possible Money in the Bank holder for 2014. 

    The first step, however, is to steal the show as best he can come April 6.

AJ Lee

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    Your Divas champion
    Your Divas championPhoto courtesy of WWE.com

    AJ! AJ! AJ! AJ!

    At this point in time, imagining this Superstar Diva anywhere else but in a Divas title match at WrestleMania XXX is pure folly.

    She has more than earned her place on the card and must make history by being the first one to defend the Divas title at the show of shows.

    She is not losing her title before that. She will not be in a tag match. She will not manage anyone.

    Her place is in the ring.

    Not only was she the Diva of the year, is the centerpiece of her division and the longest-reigning champion ever—she has beaten everyone.

    It's true, Naomi is also deserving her title match with the Black Widow, but she is currently recovering from an ill-timed injury that could halt her push for a little while.

    AJ Lee must not be stopped because of that. She must be forced forward and into the history books.

    What if Lita gave her the rub and came back for one more match? 

    Lita vs. AJ at 'Mania, tied in with the Hall of Fame ceremony, could provide some nice exposure for the Total Divas show.

    It will have to be someone of importance. AJ deserves it for all the good work she has done, even if it means she drops the title that night.

    Elimination Chamber 2014 will mark the real beginning of Lee's road to WrestleMania, and if Naomi can be ready, they will both work hard to deliver a spectacular performance for the WWE Universe.

    The Funkadactyl will shine in defeat, of course, but it will be the Black Widow who will take her butterfly-themed title all the way to New Orleans.

The Shield and the Wyatts

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    This will be epic!
    This will be epic!Photo by WWE.com

    These six will steal the show next weekend, hands down.

    The buildup has been phenomenal, the staredowns just plain awesome!

    All three Shield members as well as Bray Wyatt have that spark, the thing that makes a performer shine beyond others when their moment has come.

    What kind of battle will this be? It isn't always obvious given the nature of a six-man tag team match.

    Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt have been singled out as of late, but The Shield as a whole is quite the impressive unit.

    Each member brings out something in the other, and it would actually be sad to see them split this early. 

    WWE has a nice way of making sure its fans can believe anything, and teasing breakups is a great way to sell the product.

    At WrestleMania 29, The Shield was victorious because the stable functions as one. At Elimination Chamber, the outcome must be no different.

    Bray Wyatt, on the other hand, is the star of his bunch. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are big and strong, yes, but they don't do anything else but follow orders.

    Creative should keep this feud going for another few months. It is hot!

    Wyatt vs. Ambrose for the U.S. title or Reigns vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania XXX? Things aren't set in stone yet, and therefore, anything can happen.

    Paying attention to history would be wise at this point if splitting people up is the plan.

    Case in point: The Legacy in a three-way match at WrestleMania 26 was hardly newsworthy.

    Let's try something different, WWE.

For Guts, Guile and Glory

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    For how much longer?
    For how much longer?Gallo Images/Getty Images

    How interesting is it that while WWE is busy bringing back older stars in time for 'Mania, a new crop of talent is rising before its very eyes.

    WWE doesn't have a say in whether fans like someone or not. The people decide on their own. Daniel Bryan is the prime example.

    There are incredible performers on the roster right now. Some that this company needs to invest in ASAP. 

    Look not to the past to make history but into the present. Moving forward and taking chances is what life is all about.

    Elimination Chamber is a very important event to watch. So much is at stake this year. It is the doorway leading to WrestleMania XXX, the biggest event of the year and perhaps the greatest ever up to now.

    Who will stand tall when the smoke clears? Which Superstars will keep on shining even in defeat?

    There are but a few spots left open for the most deserving.

    It will be time to fight, no excuses.