Biathlon Medal Results and Times from Olympic 2014 Men's 20km Individual

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Biathlon Medal Results and Times from Olympic 2014 Men's 20km Individual
Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press

Martin Fourcade has done it again.

For the second time in these 2014 Winter Olympics the French biathlon skier has won gold, topping the podium in the 20-kilometer race on Thursday, as BBC Sport shares:

Fourcade came in with a time of 49:31.7, taking just one penalty in the shooting portion. Erik Lesser of Germany earned the silver, while Evgeniy Garanichev of Russia took home the bronze.     

Lowell Bailey was the United States' top finisher, coming in eighth, while Tim Burke finished 44th, Russell Currier crossed the line in 50th and Leif Nordgren came in 83rd.

Here are the full results:

Men's 20km Biathlon Results
Place Country Athlete Time
GOLD FRA Martin Fourcade 49:31.7
SILVER GER Erik Lesser 49:43.9
BRONZE RUS Evgeniy Garanichev 50:06.2
4 AUT Simon Eder 50:09.5
5 AUT Dominik Landertinger 50:14.2
6 FRA Jean-Guillaume Beatrix 50:15.5
7 NOR Emil Hegle Svendsen 50:30.3
8 USA Lowell Bailey 50:57.4
9 UKR Serhiy Semenov 51:07.9
10 GER Daniel Böhm 51:09.4
11 NOR Johannes Bø 51:16.5
12 SWE Bjorn Ferry 51:18.3
13 FRA Simon Fourcade 51:29.9
14 ITA Lukas Hofer 51:34.6
15 SWE Fredrik Lindstrom 51:50.2
16 GER Simon Schempp 51:50.3
17 CZE Jaroslav Soukup 51:55.1
18 CZE Ondrej Moravec 51:55.8
19 SVK Matej Kazar 51:56.9
20 KAZ Yan Savitskiy 52:00.0
21 CAN Brendan Green 52:05.3
22 GER Andreas Birnbacher 52:17.9
23 LTU Tomas Kaukenas 52:38.9
24 AUT Christoph Sumann 52:39.1
25 CAN Nathan Smith 52:41.3
26 NOR Tarjei Bo 52:41.5
27 KAZ Anton Pantov 52:51.5
28 SVK Pavol Hurajt 52:53.3
29 EST Indrek Tobreluts 53:02.5
30 RUS Alexandr Loginov 53:04.3
31 ITA Christian de Lorenzi 53:13.1
32 SLO Jakov Fak 53:17.6
33 LAT Andrejs Rastorgujevs 53:18.9
34 NOR Ole Einar Bjoerndalen 53:21.9
35 CAN Jean Philippe Leguellec 53:25.5
36 BUL Krasimir Anev 53:30.3
37 SWE Carl Johan Bergman 53:37.5
38 RUS Evgeny Ustyugov 53:47.8
39 BUL Vladimir Iliev 53:52.6
40 AUT Daniel Mesotitsch 53:53.3
41 SWE Tobias Arwidson 54:03.0
42 GBR Lee-Steve Jackson 54:11.3
43 SVK Tomás Hasilla 54:16.9
44 USA Tim Burke 54:21.2
45 AUS Alexei Almoukov 54:35.4
46 UKR Andriy Deryzemlya 54:40.0
47 SUI Simon Hallenbarter 54:52.2
48 SUI Benjamin Weger 54:54.5
49 BLR Vladimir Chepelin 54:59.2
50 USA Russell Currier 55:07.5
51 POL Lukasz Szczurek 55:18.6
52 SLO Klemen Bauer 55:29.1
53 BLR Evgeny Abramenko 55:38.8
54 BLR Sergei Novikov 55:41.7
55 UKR Dmytro Pidruchnyi 55:53.4
56 FIN Ahti Toivanen 55:55.4
57 CZE Michal Slesingr 55:57.9
58 SVK Miroslav Matiasko 55:58.7
59 CAN Scott Perras 56:04.3
60 ROU Cornel Puchianu 56:10.4
61 CZE Michal Krcmar 56:14.1
62 EST Danil Steptsenko 56:14.4
63 SLO Janez Maric 56:22.4
64 RUS Alexander Volkov 56:30.3
65 ITA Dominik Windisch 56:31.4
66 CHN Long Ren 56:35.8
67 SUI Ivan Joller 56:40.6
68 BUL Michail Kletcherov 56:41.8
69 SRB Milanko Petrovic 56:45.4
70 EST Kalev Ermits 57:04.5
71 ITA Markus Windisch 57:18.5
72 ESP Víctor Lobo 57:22.8
73 KOR Lee In-Bok 57:29.0
74 SLO Peter Dokl 57:51.5
75 BUL Miroslav Kenanov 58:01.1
76 KAZ Sergey Naumik 58:03.2
77 POL Krzysztof Plywaczyk 58:12.5
78 EST Kauri Koiv 58:17.3
79 SUI Claudio Bockli 58:19.2
80 BLR Aliaksandr Darozhka 58:27.7
81 UKR Artem Pryma 58:35.2
82 FRA Alexis Boeuf 58:39.0
83 USA Leif Nordgren 58:47.6
84 JPN Hidenori Isa 58:56.1
85 KAZ Alexandr Trifonov 1:00:08.9
86 POL Grzegorz Guzik 1:00:20.7
87 POL Lukasz Slonina 1:00:29.5
88 HUN Károly Gombos 1:05:16.7
N/A FIN Jarkko Kauppinen DNF

Fourcade also won gold in the 12.5-kilometer biathlon, making his Sochi Games a resounding success thus far. He also won silver in the mass start event in the 2010 Vancouver Games.

After winning the 12.5-kilometer, Fourcade talked about the pressure he put on himself to win a medal, saying in a press conference (via Julien Pretot of Reuters), "I had the responsibility (to claim a medal) even if nobody had asked me anything. I did not want the other French athletes to support talks of France not winning a medal. I thought about it this morning."

Lee Jin-man/Associated Press

Meanwhile, Norway's Ole Einar Bjoerndalen—who made history by winning his 12th Olympic medal after taking the gold in the 10-kilometer sprint, tying him for the most biathlon medals ever—finished a distant 34th in this race.

Bjorn Daehlie of Norway previously held the record of 12 medals in cross-country skiing all to himself. And he may yet be pushed off his perch atop the biathlon world if Bjoerndalen can take a medal in one of the three remaining events he'll compete in.

Of course, when asked by Chris Strauss of USA Today if he was feeling any pressure with the record in his sight after winning the 10-kilometer race, he said simply, "Absolutely not."

Coming into the Sochi Games, the big story on the men's side was whether Fourcade could steal the spotlight from Bjoerndalen. It seems safe to say that the pair have shared it thus far.

For the men, the remaining events include the 15-kilometer mass start, the mixed relay and the men's 4x7.5-kilometer relay.

Given his excellent start to the Sochi Games and his silver medal in the mass start in Vancouver, Fourcade will be heavily favored to earn his third gold medal in the event.

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