Todd Lodwick Pulls off Epic Videobomb on Reporter Giving Skier's Injury Report

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2014

via NBC Olympics via Deadspin

Sometimes when you hear a reporter talking about you, you just have to stick around.

NBC's Randy Moss was trying to give the audience an update on U.S. Nordic combined skier Todd Lodwick.

As he did, Lodwick entered the shot right behind him, with timing worthy of a medal.

The skier gestured to help everyone get a better understanding of his injury, resulting in an entertaining GIF. 

Once Moss was done with the injury report, Lodwick let him know that he was there. Of course, it's only fitting that Moss greeted the Olympian with a pat on the left shoulder—close to the injury he was reporting on.

A full video of the interview can be seen at NBC Olympics.