Isiah: "Chris Paul is only an MVP Candidate Because He's White"

Jackie MoonCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

Former New York Knicks Head Coach Isiah Thomas recently addressed reporters in the Madison Square Garden parking lot.

When asked who he thought was this season's MVP, Thomas replied, "Oh, definitely Kobe Bryant. LeBron is up there, but his team didn't perform as well as the Lakers."

No Chris Paul?

Thomas paused to gather his thoughts. "Look, Chris Paul is a very, very good basketball player,'' he continued, ''But if he was black he'd be just another guy. Chris Paul is only in the running for MVP because he's white. I hear all this ooh-ing and aah-ing about the things he does on the court, but black players do that all the time. If a white guy succeeds in basketball, it's because of his work ethic. If a black guy does it, it's 'God-given' or ‘natural ability.’"

Informed that Chris Paul was not white, Thomas responded, "That's your opinion," and drove away.