Mike Brown Vs. Urijah Faber: Round Two Review

Chris IodiceContributor IJune 9, 2009

In my last article, I predicted that Urijah Faber would beat Mike Brown in their second matchup. I was wrong.

Of course...Urijah breaking his hand was something that I did not take into account. Let me clarify this early on. I am not making excuses for Faber by saying: "Well his hand was broke so he did not win."

However, I do believe that a lot of fans, myself included, would like to see a third meeting of these two fighters. 

I also do not think that Mike Brown wanted to win by decision to an injured opponent. I know Brown TKO'd Faber in the original bout, but he was unable to finish the fight this time while Faber was injured.

Both fighters fought well and it was a great match up. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about the fight—that Faber would have won if he had not broken his hand. It  may be true. 

I would have liked the fight better if Faber could have thrown some punches, especially considering his explosive speed and nice combinations in the first round.

I have also heard Mike Brown is just simply better and Urijah breaking his hand is just part of how the sport goes. 

I agree with this partially, but Faber never made an excuse about breaking his hand. He apologized to the fans after the bout and never complained. In sort of a comical way, he simply said to one of his trainers when told to throw some right hands: "I can't man. My hand is broken."

The fact that he broke his hand in the first round and seemed to injure his left hand, since he was throwing open handed lefts, and continued fighting five rounds is impressive. 

The heart he showed gets down to the core of fighting.

Each men have corner men and coaches but once the fight is on its just one on one. 

Fights like this fight and the TUF Season One Final with Forrest Griffin and Stephen Bonnar are the fights that I will tell my kids about some day. They are our generations "Rumble in the Jungle" type fights.

Serious MMA fans could only hope for more of these type of fights. I know that I would love to see Brown vs. Faber Round Three.