Green Bay Packers Draft Preview: Which Direction Will They Go?

nick wehryContributor IApril 24, 2008

With a 13-3 finish last season, the Packers look to continue on without the legend that was Brett Favre.

With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, it would seem to make perfect sense that Ted Thompson would look to put a supporting cast around him. However, the packers already have very talented wide receivers and with tight end Donald Lee having a breakout year last season, they don't need a first round talent to compliment him.

So, it is only natural to look at the defense to pick someone to play the nickel corner and eventually blossom into a great corner behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson.

However, it is very difficult to pick who the Packers will draft due to the not so average draft style of Ted Thompson.

He will select the best player available regardless of team needs. Therefore I would look to either Miami safety Kenny Phillips. Arizona corner Atoine Casone, or Auburn defensive end/linebacker Quinton Groves.

Groves would be a great pick to compliment Nick Barnett and A.J. Hawk. However, he may not fall this far as the 49ers may take him earlier. 

I would look for the Packers to draft a tight end and some offensive line help in the mid-rounds.

Look for the Packers to send a phone call to former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan as well as he has a question mark about health but a great resume behind him.

Possibly a fifth-to-seventh round selection This looks to be a promising draft for the Packers with 8 picks, so look for another surprising year from the cheeseheads.