WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from February 12

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Apparently, the Intercontinental Championship has become the unofficial title of WWE Main Event. Why would I say such a thing? Because Big E Langston, the current IC champion, has his best moments on the show.

At some point, it seems like Langston needs to find a program with somebody that matters before he suddenly doesn't to the WWE universe.

Now then, let's talk specifically about the latest episode of Main Event. It took place at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Calif., and here are the results, per Steve Carrier of Ringside News:

  • Dark match: Alexander Rusev defeated Dolph Ziggler.
  • The Wyatt Family defeated Los Matadores and Sin Cara by pinfall.
  • Natalya defeated Aksana by submission.
  • Big E Langston defeated Drew McIntyre and then Jinder Mahal by pinfall.

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton had the announcing duties.

Here's a detailed breakdown.


Why Dolph? Why Dolph?

We can't blame Dolph Ziggler for his inexplicable fall from relevancy, but without question, the man who looked destined to main event WrestleMania can't even main event...Main Event.

I'm all for putting over Rusev—he's a big, strong dude—but man, did Xavier Woods have a mid-term exam or something?

Why did the bulky Bulgarian have to smash Ziggler?

Oh well, maybe one day Dolph can once again remind us of a cross between Jeff Jarrett and Shawn Michaels.


The Wyatt Family are Kinda Over

The Fans Podcast had an interesting idea for a career change for the seemingly interchangeable Sin Cara character.

The loudest cheer of the night came when the sadistic trio's music hit. I never thought I'd hear people cheer when a man starts singing about catching flies in his mouth.

Such is the impact of a scary, talented dude named Bray Wyatt. This was the most entertaining match of the event. The ebb and flow didn't match the two groups' status, though.

Los Matadores and Sin Cara got off a few cool maneuvers, but the Wyatts did bad things to them most of the match.

The Wyatts vs. The Shield is going to be real good at Elimination Chamber.


Lita's Hall of Fame Video

Seeing Lita's awesome highlight reel was cool, even though you probably saw it on Raw. With Ultimate Warrior, Jake The Snake Roberts and now Lita heading into the Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 30, this is one of the strongest classes ever.


We're Angry at Aksana

Is it just me, or are you a little perturbed at Aksana for dropping her knee in Naomi's eye on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw? What exactly was she doing?

Naomi was on a roll, and now that injury has her on the shelf for a while. 

It looks like Aksana has been relegated to jobbing even more demonstratively than before. Basically, she's fallen from the curb to the street in the WWE pecking order.

Before the match, Natalya was the one getting disrespected by the fans.

Check out this tweet from What a Maneuver!:

image from Twitter

Natalya made Aksana submit, and no, there is no truth to the rumor that Naomi came out and dropped her knee on her while Natty had her in the Sharpshooter.

All jokes aside, this was a nice little Main Event match.


Big E Needs More

Big E did major damage to Drew McIntyre and finished him with the Big Ending. After the match, Jinder Mahal started flapping his gums. Langston then made quicker work of him to get himself a two-for-one special.

Mr. Dumbnezz had something pretty smart to say.

This was a glorified squash match, but shouldn't the IC champion be bigger than this? Langston needs a big match and feud, and I mean quick.


Follow me. I go back like 3-Minute Warning and Nikita Koloff.



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