Video: Anderson Silva's First Interview Since Leg Break Injury

Nathan McCarterFeatured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2014

Warning: This video contains the graphic footage of the leg break several times.

UFC 168 saw Anderson Silva try to recapture his UFC middleweight crown against champion Chris Weidman, but the bid turned gruesome when a checked kick resulted in a broken leg. Silva crumpled to the mat in pain, and he was rushed to the hospital shortly afterwards.

Silva spoke for the first time since his horrific injury suffered against Weidman earlier this year to Fantástico, a Brazilian TV show that airs on Rede Globo, and video has surfaced of the interview with English subtitles.

Early in the interview the interviewer asked, "And are you trying to find some reason for everything that happened to you?" Silva responded:

Yes. All the time I'm trying to understand why it happened to me, why I broke my leg, why I have to pass through this situation. I'm trying to understand what is... what is the message that God is trying to give me at this moment.

Silva goes on to discuss the technical aspect of the kick that broke his leg, the aftermath and recovery from the injury and where he stands in the division. Silva also discussed how the injury has impacted his family life as he would wake in the night in agony.

Since the airing of this interview, several pictures of Silva's recovery have been posted throughout social media. Most notably was a post on Instagram from the official page of Anderson Silva's Muay Thai College showing Silva doing some light training.

There is no current timetable for a Silva return to the Octagon as he continues to heal from the injury.