The NBA's 10 Most Overrated Players of All Time

Miles HinesCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

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10. Kevin McHale

Mr. Shoulders and Knees. That's all he had. He was another early NBA player who got his name from being on a championship team. The Celtics aura is what built his name. Being Larry Bird's friend is all the accomplishments he helped build for himself. McHale is more noted for giving Danny Ainge KG so Boston could get back on the map. That's Kevin's biggest gift to NBA viewers, and it had nothing to do with his basketball game.


9. Bill Laimbeer

Dirty player, enforcer, nuisance, pest, whatever you want to call him, he was just a role player that used his I-don't-care persona to irritate opposing team players. He was not a factor in the championships and rings of the "Bad Boy" Pistons. He was like a hockey defenseman "goon" who was supposed to go out there and protect the star players and get garbage points here and there. He is no basketball legend, as a player based on his skill or talent.


8. Tim Duncan

Mr. Fundamentals = Mr. Boring. Granted, Timmy D is a great player, but many belittle Kobe because he had Shaq. Well, Duncan had David Robinson, Avery Johnson, Sean Elliott, and Mario Elie. All were champions who showed the young boy the way into the league.

Still, some think those lottery drawings were fixed for Duncan to land in Spur land. Then move to next set of championship runs; Duncan has Tony Parker and Ginobli. This has been the best trio in the NBA for last six years. Now its more apparent than ever that Duncan has lost two steps, and the Spurs don't go by Duncan's production, they go by Tony P's production and Ginobli's odd spark off the bench. Duncan is the fork and knife of the hungry Spurs, while Tony P and Ginobli are the mouth and tongue that feed.


7. Robert Horry

Big Shot Bob? Yeah, maybe a couple times in his career. But lets face it, his seven rings are all on the coattails of major superstars. He was a good role player to have in May and June, but that's it.

During the regular season, he would take off games and just be out there taking minutes away from worthy youngsters. Horry was never the third or fourth best player on any team he won a ring with. So, Horry has to go down as the luckiest role player, because of the championships from every team he's played with.


6. Charles Barkley

He should be No. 1, but that would be giving Shaq way too much credit. The fact that Barkley can't even play the game anymore is one point, but the true reason he is overrated is because, like Karl Malone, he never won a thing.

He was good for being undersized, but he always made excuses and did dumb things to make his teams not win. At the present time, he talks so much trash about the players  and he forgets all the mischief he used to get into. He has no right to talk bad about any players now in the league and has no reason to continue to bring himself into discussion when he's talking about issues on TNT about the game now.

Barkley is a hater to anyone that achieves championship status. Jealousy boils inside of him now. Barkley is a buffoon who gets paid to not talk about basketball on TNT. It would be frustrating if he wasn't such a clown who doesn't think before he speaks or puts his foot in his mouth.


5. Wilt Chamberlain

He is more known for dominating the women than winning championships. For most people today, that would be enough. For basketball minds, his mind boggling stats will also never be meet nor matched, unless Kobe wants to go get 101 points to prove a point (critics still say Kobe's 81 wasn't better than Wilt's 100 and none of them ever saw Wilt's game, because it was before footage was recorded).

Wilt was the biggest thing on the court at the time. People were scared of him and no one could match his strength and size. He was a man amongst boys for a long time, until he became old and wasn't the same force.


4. Oscar Robertson

Another dominating player amongst bums in his era. You know why no one else can ever ever ever average a triple double for an entire season? Because the seasons are much longer now and all players are too athletic and gifted. Even the so-so players in the NBA now who are out there stealing money are better athletes than when Oscar played. NBA talent playing basically high school-caliber players night in and night out.


3. Jerry West

The Logo. How could I put him on the list? Well, look at who he was playing. No type of legitimate talent that was close to or equal to himself. This is, of course, during the most dominating early years of the logo. He was better than all the other no names who would never sniff professional sports in today's world, based on their skill and talent.


2. Karl Malone

He is not the best power forward of all time. He is one of the most overrated power forwards of all-time. Who else can get the title of greatest of all-time at a position who has never won a championship? No one. Who else gets more celebrated for losing to MJ time after time? Malone.

It's a joke that he is considered the best and never could beat the best team during that era—the Bulls. He lost every year of his 20 year career. The only time he had a real shot of winning the championship with LaLa land, he goes and gets injured. This injury is the real reason Kobe and Shaq broke up the duo.

L.A. had no business losing that year, but Gary Payton was worthless, getting killed by every PG he matched up against. Then Malone gets injured for first time in his 20-year career. Another moment Malone came up short when it counted the most.


1. Shaquille O'Neal

He's had Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Steve Nash, and Amar'e Stoudemire. Any NBA player surrounded with this level of skilled players franchise-to-franchise-to-franchise would excel also. Kobe brought Shaq three rings, and Wade and the refs brought Shaq his fourth.

He is the luckiest player of all-time to be surrounded by such great PGs and SGs and is the most overrated player of all-time.

What's your top ten list?