B/R Turns Into The WWE: ECW's Extreme Aftermath

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

A white limo shows up to the parking lot. The door opens and it is Strictly Business that gets out of the limo. They are all dressed in the new Stricly Business apparel. Tim List has on a black cut-off shirt with the SB logo on it. Dan Telek has on a plain black SB T-shirt with his Black/White Detroit Tigers D hat kicked to the back. Jay Rob comes out last with a Black SB hoody on. All three have on black shorts and black b-ball shoes.

(Tim List) "So this is the land of extreme?"

(Dan Telek) "Yessir"

(Jay) "Well boys, lets make ourselves feel welcome, shall we? We've got some business here."

Both men walk towards the camera and the ECW kick off movie starts.

The fireworks hit and the show begins!

(Tony) "Ladies and gentleman welcome to Atlanta, Georgia. This is ECW. I am Tony Danger as always with my co-host Jax. Two days removed from ECW we saw two champions hold on to what means the most to them."

(Jax) "Yeah, but if that isn't enough, we lost not one, not two, but quite possibly three stars from our show. Tony Arnoldine suffer a separated shoulder as well as a severe concussion in a battle with Mike Scanlon"

(TD) "Mhmm, and Dan Sumrall has not been seen since being Buried Alive. Speaking of that match, interim GM Kash stated that if Sting or Rashad interfered in the match, then they would be fired. Well I hope Sting likes free agency, because he interfered and was the Hardcore champion for a couple minutes until Anon got back what was his."

(Jax) "But there is a lot of talent on the ECW roster. Voids will definitely be filled. But what shocks me the most is the fact that three SD superstars are here. Why?"

"Swagga Like Us" by T.I. hits the arena as Strictly Business comes out. The fans are going wild. Dan and Tim look happy with cold draped across their shoulders, but Jay Rob looks ever so serious.

(Jay) "Ladies and gentleman, WE ARE STRICTLY BUSINESS! And after our match at ER, we proved we were extreme. We might of lost, but that doesn't mean a damn thing to me anymore. That red kool aid bastard stole my soul and I want it back."

The fans boo.

"Masque thought it would be cool to take what I have told him time and time again aint his. He thinks this is a joke. He thinks its a game. Well I got something for medieval ass."

(Dan) "Stick to the plan man. Its rough not having Andrea here, but we have to maintain our swagger."

(Jay) "Right. I have some news for the fans of ECW and the WWE. Extremists will now know me as GM RIZ! I figured since my good friend is at home nursing after some unfortunate events, someone that knows her style needs to watch over her child until she gets back. Her child is ECW. No offense to Kash, but I know I can take ECW and make it a top choice show. It has been ridiculed for far too long. And I will bring back the old ECW!"

The fans are going nuts.

"One step at a time right? We don't have to rush, my Extremists. I have a time slot of an hour, so I am going to create four matches.

My first big one will be a ten man tag team match. The participants will be announced later.

The anticipated ECW tag title match did not take place, but I have a better plan. ECW's fat will be trimmed, starting with four individuals."

"John Louie Ramos will take on Benjamin David later tonight. This match is special, because I am bringing back the ECW TV Title!!!"

The fans cheer.

Crunk Music by the Diplomats play and The Williams Gang is out.

(Tyler) "Hold on, GM RIZ. You might be forgetting something. See me and my boy Kev were chilling in the back when you and your posse rolled through ECW. I thought to myself. These fools have got to be kidding me! Now I love the people as much as the next guy, but why are you here trying to steal fans."

(List) "Hey man. We are not trying to steal fans. Don't be mad because you guys look infants next to us big boys. I think my bud was just about to mention you anyways, so welcome to the show."

(Jay) "Thanks Tim. I did not forget about you two. Since you guys also qualified for the tag titles, I have to give you a prize. It will be Tyler vs Kevin. The winning Williams guy will face the new TV champ whenever I decide."

(Kevin) "And the loser?"

(Dan) "Finished. You will be released from ECW."

The fans cheer.

(Jay) "Well, you should say your goodbyes, plan a party and get ready for FCW, if your lucky. One of you gets the boot, and we will find out later tonight. Oh, by the way. All matches on ECW will be no DQ. So you guys can forget about rules. Peace out girl scouts!"


(Jax) "So let me get this straight Danger. A Smackdown superstar comes over here and is the GM of ECW? Wow."

(TD) "Not just any guy. Its Ja...GM Riz."

(SB's office)

(Jay) "I am going to kill Masque. I swear to you two. He is mine."

(Telek) "Shake that off until friday man. You are in charge of ECW tonight."

Kash walks in.

(Kash) "Who said you can come to my show and take over. I should kick your ass. ECW belongs to me."

(Jay) "Uh no. You better watch it big guy. I have been around here longer and I am soooo not in the mood."

(Kash) "Oh I'm sorry. Did your little girlfriend's kidnapping make it so you didn't get any sleep. Did it leave you tossing and turning in your hotel because you had to sleep all alone. Excuse me while I not care some more. You think because you are a tough shot on Smackdown you can come to the land of extreme and turn into Strictly Bull***T? Not on my watch."

GM Riz lunges for Kash but Telek and List grab him.

(List) "Take it easy Riz. He is just trying to mess with you head."

(Telek to Kash) "Dude, I guess you know that is time for your jobber ass gets to skipping before I break you off like a Kit-Kat bar."

(Kash) "I really am not intimidated by you or your little group of guys, since Andrea is not present."

(Riz) "Son of a...Look. Telek, you feel like fighting tonight?"

(Telek not taking his eyes off of Kash) "Name the match big guy."

(Riz) "Scaffold Match."

(Kash) "You can't do that! Who made you boss?"

(Telek) "You scared chump? Yeah, I know you are. You're scared of me just like your scared of the ratings, seeing how your show did not do to well last week."

(Riz) "Ouch."

(List) "Burn!!!"

Kash storms off as Strictly Business gives each other high fives.


(Riz's office)

Dan is getting ready for his match with Kash, as Tim is on the couch watching King of the Hill on adult swim. GM Riz is going through the roster.

(List) "This roster has a lot of unimpressive guys. I'm sending Lucas Berndt and Mike Wollin back to FCW. Bryn Swartz fell off since he lost his title. I guess we can trade him and Nathan Miguel too."

Joseph Daniel and Scotty Miller walk into the office.

(Riz) "Fellas?"

(Scotty) "Hey Riz. Whats up man? Look me and Joe have been doing some planning and we want to be a dominate tag team in the WWE. Our gimmick is perfect."

(Joseph) "Check this out." He pulls out a chick magnet shirt. "We are the Chick Magnets!. I'm Joe D and Scotty is Millz. Isn't that the coolest thing ever!!!"

(Riz) "I guess I have not decided to fire you two. I will test you guys out. You know that five-on-five match? Tim List is the captain of one of the teams. And I just made you his partners."

(Millz) "Aye man that is AWESOME! My mans Tim List we bout to do it big."

(Tim in a lazy who cares voice) "Cool."

(Riz) "Alright Seth Green and Brian Christopher, go get ready, the match will be soon. You guys will team up with Anon and Hector De Jesus to take on ECW champ Mike Scanlon, Rashad, Jabot, Cliff Yates and a guy I am really into, Ross Rutherford. He is probably one of the best wrestlers I have seen here on ECW. Peace out girl scouts"


"This match is scheduled for one fall and this is a winner leaves ECW match"

Crunk Music hits and Tyler Williams comes out to an average pop.

"Introducing first, weighing in at 245 lbs, T-Wizzle! And his opponent, Kevin Williams"

(JAX) "We do not need to stress about how important this match really is. If you lose, you are gone. That is is. Although both men are close friends, one of them needs to make something happen."

Kevin and Tyler Tyler dominates with an arm wrench out of the lock up. Kevin counters into his own, and then arm drags Tyler to the mat.

Tyler uses his strength to get back on his feet, and uses his reach to put Kevin into a headlock. Kevin then counters with a back suplex and goes for three, but Tyler kicks out instantly.

Kevin whips Tyler into the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Tyler held on to the ropes. Kevin gets up and charges after Tyler, but Tyler just throws Kevin over his shoulders.

Kevin, however, cartwheels using the ropes and lands one the apron facing Tyler. He jumps off the apron and grabs Tyler's legs, making him fall flat on his face.

He is now on the apron and hits a springboard elbow on the back of Tyler's neck. He goes for another cover and Tyler kicks out. He begins to stomp on Tyler's neck. He then drives his knee into Tyler's back and lefts his head up, putting him into a inverted Camel Clutch submission.

Both men are positioned near the ropes, so it does not take Tyler long to grab one of the ropes. Kevin backs off, and waits for Tyler to get up.

Once Tyler is up, Kevin presses him against the ropes and gives him four chops to the chest. Tyler then hits the mat. Kevin tries to pick Tyler, but Tyler grabs Kev by both of his legs and sweeps him off his feet. He then bridges over Kevin for a pin. One, two, three.

(bell rings)

Crunk Music is back on as the Announcer claims that Tyler is the victor.

Both men look shocked as Tyler is holding the back of his neck. Tyler extends his hand for a shake, and instead Kevin gives Tyler a hug as the fans cheer Williams.

(Tony) "Welcome back and if you are just now tuning into the show, Kevin Williams has been put on the free agents list until further notice."

Backstage with Ben David.

(BA) "I am here with Benjamin David. Ben", you have proved to be a force here in ECW. Do you think you can keep that momentum and win the TV title from a well favored John Louie Ramos.

"John Louie is a great partner and a buddy of mine. There is no way he will not put up a good fight. And he knows I will do the same. As for my momentum, well, I guess thats up to my Warriors of Pride to decide. I smell gold, and I have earned it."

(RA) "This match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the ECW Television Title. Introducing first from Manila in the Philippines. Weighing in at an even 210 lbs., John Louie Ramos.''

The fans are pumped to see Louie in action.

"And his opponent."

The old Hardy boy theme hits and the ladies scream.

"Also from the Philippines. Weighing in at 217 pounds, Benjamin David!"

Both men shake hands as the match begins. They lock up and John Louie arm drags Benjamin to the ground. Ben gets up, and they lock up again. This time, Ben pushes John into the turnbuckle. They break up clean, and they meet in the center of the ring.

Ramos intiates another lock up, and whips Ben into the ropes. He misses a back hand chop and Ben hits the high cross body in retaliation. He goes for the cover and only gets two.

Ben picks him up, and chops him in the chest. He runs off the ropes and hits a diving front flip attack. He goes for the pin and gets another two. BD then goes for a suplex, but it is countered as JLR trips Ben and goes for a leg lock. Ben however counters into a pin, but barely gets a two.

Both men are up and Ben David goes charging after Ramos, but Ramos connects with a standing spin kick in the midsection. He then delivers Muay Thai  chops to the back and front.

He hits a DDT and then goes for the top rope. John leaps and drops a knee onto Ben David's head. Louie goes for the cover, but does not succeed at getting the three.

John picks Ben up and goes for the snapmare. He then hits a back kick right into the head of Ben David, showing off his martial art skills.

He goes to cover, but Ben kicks out. John Louie goes to the ropes and is looking for a cartwheel splash, but Ben David rolls out of the ring. He climbs in for the springboard, and drops a leg drop on the back of John Louie's head. He puts John in a wheelbarrow position, and drops the facebuster. He flips over and is looking for the sitting pin, but only gets 2.

Benjamin goes to the top rope and stalks Ramos. David hits the Vandaminator right in John's throat. He goes for the cover again, but only gets a two. He lifts Louie up and hits a snap suplex. He covers once again, and still can only get a two.

He grabs John Louie's legs and connects a diving splash leaping over JLR's legs. Instead of covering, he waits for him to get up.

He rushes in for his finisher, but John Louie ducks. He maintains to grab BD by the neck and nails a neckbreaker. Both men are down.

The ref counts to seven, and John Louie shoots up waiting for Ben. He goes for his finishing enziguiri, but Ben flips him back, and hits a standing hurricanrana. He grabs the legs for the pin, but John Louie kicks out.

The fans are enjoying the fast pace action, as they are on their feet. Ben David is clear across the ring as Ramos gets up. BD runs towards the middle ropes, puts his right foot on it to jump off, and springboards a moonsault. John ducks out of the way and Ben lands flat on chest. JLR goes for the cover, but BD gets the foot on the rope just before three.

He picks up Ben and whips him to the ropes. He goes for a Bicycle kick, but Ben ducks. When John Louie turns around, Ben Daviv hits the Pride Of The Philippines Kick (POP Kick [Trouble in Paradise]). He goes for the cover. One, two, three!

(Tony) "OMG. Benjamin David of the Phillipnes is the new ECW Television champion. What a performance by both men."

(Jax) "The fans are on their feet applauding the match. Valiant effort by both men, but Benjamin David succeeded and is the new ECW TV champion."

The cameras go backstage as SB watches the TV.

(Riz) "Your up Tim. Make me proud."

Tim finishes a blow pop. "Yeah dude, I'm ready. Are you sure you can't record the second episode of King The Hill for me? Please Dan."

(Telek) "No, dude. We have to watch your match. Its a re-run, you will live."

Tim grunts at Dan and then leaves.

(Riz) "You know the new guy Rob that just got cleared for action from FCW? Well I signed him to ECW right after ER. I have him in as Ross' bodyguard. I'm keeping an eye on him."


"This is the five-on-five tag-team match. Introducing first, the team of Clifford Yates and Jabot! Their tag team partner, Rashad."

(Tony) " 'Shad screwed Sting out of a contract and I bet he just does not care. Nevertheless he looks ready to fight."

Wolfman's the Joker hits the airwaves.

(RA) "And from East Rutherford, New Jersey. Accompanied to the ring by Rob The Juggarnaunt. Weighing in at 234 lbs, Ross Rutherford."

He gets a mixed reaction.

"And finally. The ECW Champ, Mike Scanlon."

(Tony) "He put Tony out of commision using his brains, lets see what he does tonight."

"And the challengers. Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 460 lbs, Joe D. Millz. The Chick Magnets!"

Every Girl by Young Money comes on and the fans are on their feets, as Joe D and Millz come out with a mic.

(Joe D) "Tonight is the debut of the next generation in tag team excellence! But we are indeed the chick magnets. So what chick wants to be stuck on us tonight?"

The ladies scream. Millz walks over to a girl in a hot pink tank top that has breasts the size of JLB's comments. and gives he a chick magnet shirt.

(Millz) "You have officially been stuck by the Chick Magnets!"

(Jax) "Well at least the fans love them! They seem like a bit to much."

(Tony) "These guys are just two kids trying to keep their futures bright. There is nothing wrong with that at all."

"Their partners. First, The Heart of Puerto Rico, Hector De Jesus!"

The fans cheer a tad for HDJ.

"And the Cruiserweight Champion, Tim List!"

Swagga Like Us is on and so are the fans. Great ovation for Tim List.

Tear Away by Drowing Pool hits the arena and the fans are on their feet for Anon.

"Here is your Hardcore Champion, ANONYMOUS GUY!"

The match starts with Millz blowing kisses to all the women in the crowd. Ross bum rushes him and the match starts. Ross is on top of Millz connecting with elbow, rights, lefts and headbutts. He jumps off and then starts a brutal attack with boots and knees. He picks him up and throws Millz into the ropes. He catches him on the rebound with a shining wizard.

Instead of going for the pin, Ross tags in Jabot. Jabot picks up Millz and drags him to the center of the ring. He hits him with a suplex, and then gains momentum from the ropes and splashes Millz. He goes for the cover and Millz kicks out.

Jabot throws him into the turbuckle. Millz counters with a dropkick to Jabot's mouth. He rolls around Jabot and tags in Anon.

The fans go nuts as Anon clotheslines Jabot directly to the mat. Jabot gets up and Anon nails him with another clothesline. He picks him and throws him into the ropes. Jabot bounces back and Anon boots him in the head.

He goes for the pin, but Jabot kicks out. Jabot gets up and Anon is bum rushing him with right hands. Jabot gets knocked back into his corner and tag Mike Scanlon. The fans goes nuts.

Anon and Scanlon lock up, with Anon winning the power game. He tosses Mike to the mat. Mike gets up and gets right into Anon's face. They go to lock up again, but Mike kicks Anon in the stomach and rakes his eyes. He runs to the ropes a hits Anon with a knee lift. He chokes Anon with his hand until the ref's count hits four.

Mike waits for Anon to get up. When he does, Mike goes for the Scanlon Canyon, but Joe D comes into to break it up.

Mike chases off Joe D back to his corner to distract the ref. Meanwhile, Cliff and Jabot hit Anon with a double suplex.

Mike goes back to work on Anon. He throws him into the turnbuckle and gives him shots to the midsection. He tags in Rashad and they stomp him into the corner. Rashad then tags Cliff and Cliff chokes Anon with his foot.

The ref breaks it up and as soon as Anon gets up, Ross grabs him by the hair and throws him back into the turnbuckle. Cliff runs to the turnbuckle for a splash, but instead he misses Anon and nails Rashad. Anon sprints for the tag and makes it to Tim List.

Ross tags himself in and charges to Tim, but Tim hits him with a dropkick.  Jabot runs in for a clothesline, but he misses and Tim nails him with a german.

Ross is back up and swings for Tim, but misses, and Tim nails him in the chin with a Shuffle Side Kick.

Rashad comes in and attacks Tim from behind. He whips him into the ropes where Joe D tags in. Rashad powerslams List, and tags in Mike. Mike is met by Joe D and Millz, who exchange rights and lefts on Mike's face.

Jabot goes to rush in with Cliff, but they are met by Anon, who clotheslines both men outside. He tries to get back in the ring, but he is met by Rob, who is beating on him with axe handles.

Ross, still in the ring, teams up with Scanlon to take on the Chick Magnets. Ross attempts to DDT Millz, but he throws him to the ropes where Hector De Jesus pulls them down so Ross can fall outside.

Mike tries to whip Joe D, but Joe brings Mike back with the arm wrench. Millz takes Mike's other arm and wrenches it. Both men then pick him up from behind and slam him right on his face. (Their finisher, Demangetizer)

Rob and Anon are brawling up the ramp, as Ross rushes to help Rob instead of helping Mike Scanlon. Joe D tags in Hector De Jesus, as he leaps from the top rope and executes his finisher, the guillotine leg drop. He goes for the pin and Tim List's team wins!

Backstage Kevin Williams has his bags and is leaving the arena.

(Riz) "KEV! Hey man. That was a good match you put on. I want to do redeem yourself. Next week I'm putting you in a match against Rashad. If you can win that match, you are back on the roster and Rashad will be going home. I do not like the way he set up Sting at Extreme Rules, so I am secretly rooting for you. Have a great night."

(BA) "I am now here with Mike Scanlon..."

(Ross) "Great going, you lost us the match."
(Mike) "How? Last time I check you and your ignoramous of a bodyguard beat up on Anon until he was backstage. With this big lumox I had no idea it would take two of you to handle Anon. So if anything you lost the match."

Riz makes his way back from the parking lot. "I see we have a bit of an issue. Ross I liked the way you handled yourself out there. Next to Anon, you are definitely a force. I need someone to break through, and next week it will be you."

(Ross) "Ok, and who is my opponent."

(Riz) "Mike. And yes, this match will be for the ECW Championship. Good luck. Because the winner of this match faces my new number one contender who will be making his way back to ECW after a brief hiatus."

(Mike) "Who is that?"

(Riz) "Like I am going to tell you? He would rather tell you himself. He will be the guest referee. And Mike if you lose, you will not get your rematch clause. Peace out girls scouts."

(Jax) "What a main event. ECW is being revamped and I am liking it. Maybe Riz will stay around."

(Tony D)"We are back just in time for our main event. It looks as if our US champion is in the ring and he is stacking tables right under the scaffold."

Dan Telek starts to climb the scaffold as Kash comes out to some booes. Kash looks around at all the tables and starts to climb. The bell rings once he gets on top.

(Jax) "The object is to get across to the other side and climb down the ladder before your opponent."

(Tony) "That's right Jax. But you can also win if your opponent either falls of the scaffold 15 feet in the air or gets thrown off."

Kash lunges to the other side, but Dan pushes him back. Dan goes for the clothesline, but Kash ducks and retaliate with a spinning wheel kick. He then begins to stomp Dan as he goes to pick him up.

He scoops Dan up slams him onto the scaffold. He drives his knee into Dan's shoulder a couple times, and then puts him in a headlock.

Dan uses his power as he gets onto his feet and attempts to push Kash off of the scaffold. Kash instantly drops to his knees to insure that he does not fall off. Dan stalks him, and when Kash turns around he hits the Demon Drop.

Kash is laid out, and Dan asks the fans if he should climb down. He begins to climb, but then goes back up to the scaffold. Kash is trying to get up, but he falls back down.

Dan looks down at Kash's prone body, and talks some smack to him. He lifts him up, and Kash low blows Dan. He then starts to deliver wild shots to Dan's head until he is laid out on the Scaffold.

Kash taunts the crowd a bit too much, giving Dan time to perculate. Kash goes to climb down the ladder, and Dan grabs him by his hair. He rams his head into the ladder three times until Kash is bleeding.

He pulls him back on the scaffold, and hits a standing moonsault on Kash. Telek puts Kash into piledriver position and calls for the "Telekator". Dan then lifts Kash up into a powerbomb and drops him. He picks him back up for a second one, and launches him off the scaffold.

"Holy Shit!"

The bell sounds. "Your Winner, United States Champion, Dan Telek!"

EMT's rush towards Kash as he is not moving. They drag him out of the ring as the scaffold drops. The fans scream Strictly Business and does the five clap.

Dan holds the United States title overhead as the show goes off the air.