WWE 2K15: Latest News, Rumors, Expectations and Wish List

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 12, 2014

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR 2K - WWE Chairman and CEO Mr. McMahon welcomes guests to the WWE 2K14 press event, on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013 in Los Angeles.  (Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for 2K/AP Images)
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Fans may not have even made their way though its predecessor yet, but the buzz for WWE 2K15 is already beginning to crackle.

Questions about what systems the game will be available on, who will make up the roster and what 2K Sports will do to enhance the series this time around are on the minds of many. Where will CM Punk fit into the mix? Who will follow The Ultimate Warrior as the game's surprise star?

The following is a look at what is known and what folks want from WWE 2K15.


Initial News

Hearing that 2K Sports was going to make WWE 2K15 was no surprise, but finding out the game was coming to next-generation consoles is enough to get gamers to start chanting "Yes!"

According to VideoGamer.com's James Orry, "WWE will make its PS4 and Xbox One debut with WWE 2K15." That announcement didn't mention whether the game will also come out on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but one has to assume 2K Sports isn't going to abandon that generation of games just yet.

The move to the more powerful consoles is exciting.

It will allow the game to be better visually and be even more packed with Superstars as memory will be plentiful. How exactly will the game look?

It appears that at least some of the wrestlers' movements will remind fans of Kassius Ohno's ring work.

The former NXT prospect shared a photo of himself in a motion capture suit, boasting about doing work for the game.

Few expect Ohno to actually be on the game's roster. His contributions are likely to be only of the behind-the-scenes variety. It's whether or not his old foe from Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South will be included that has folks talking.


Will CM Punk Be in the Game? 

It's highly likely that Punk will go from being on the cover of WWE '13 to not being in the game at all. Punk abruptly quit WWE just after the Royal Rumble, and only the most optimistic of his fans expect him back anytime soon.

How does that affect him being a part of the next game in the series? 

CM Punk isn't likely to be in WWE 2K15.
CM Punk isn't likely to be in WWE 2K15.DAVE ALLOCCA/Associated Press

Damian Antony Seeto of JustPushStart.com believes that chances aren't good that he makes it into WWE 2K15. The timing of Punk's departure makes Seeto right to have those doubts.

When the developers begin to put together the game's roster, Punk's future with the company may still be unclear.

He has yet to speak out about quitting, and WWE has yet to make a statement about him leaving. Punk's contract is set to expire in July, as he mentioned in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani. That complicates things because WWE may have to sign him to a video-game-only deal to get him into WWE 2K15.

Punk is surely atop many fans' wish list for the upcoming game, but what else do players hope to see upon its release date?


Wish List

WWE 2K14 got a lot of things right, including a nostalgia-satisfying roster that includes unexpected additions of Warrior, Randy Savage and Bruno Sammartino.

There aren't many new names to add to the game save for a man who has yet to appear in a WWE ring or a WWE video game—Sting. "The Icon" is reportedly "super close" to signing a deal with the company, per Wrestling Observer, via WrestlingInc.com's Marc Middleton.

Offering Sting as a playable character, in both his Crow-inspired form and his early blond look, would boost interest in the game. He remains one of the few wrestlers left to surprise fans with.

The quality of the roster has been the most dependable part of the series over the last two years, though.

The game's biggest drawback continues to be its graphics. 2K Sports did much to improve and tweak the series when it took over, but fans are going to want to see major improvements in how the game looks this time around.

Some of the WWE 2K14 character models are spot on, but too many are the kind that invite snarky comments.

Ric Flair is in the latter category. A few years ago, this rendition of the "Nature Boy" would have been fine, but as technology races toward the future, fans expect more.

The jump to next-gen consoles will elevate those expectations even more. 2K Sports have already proved itself capable of more realistic visuals, though.

If WWE 2K15 looks as detailed and stunning as NBA 2K14, there will be no justification for complaining about graphics.

The addition of OMG moments like kicking a foe's head into the ring post helped make the game deeper and more fun. Gamers are going to want more of these now that their appetites have been sufficiently whetted.

As Joseph Dempsey of WhatCulture.com suggested, a great place to take those OMG moments is the entrance ramp and stage area.

From Kane pushing Zack Ryder off the stage in a wheelchair to Big Show chokeslamming John Cena into a spotlight, WWE history is lined with inspiration for sadistic game developers to find stage-centered moves to add to the game.

Beyond that minor addition, WWE 2K15 would truly benefit from a "My Career"-type mode.

Players can already create their own wrestlers and insert them into Universe Mode, but imagine if they could take that created Superstar, work one's way through NXT, earn a spot on the main roster and eventually work up to the WrestleMania spotlight.

2K Sports already does this with its other games, allowing fans to live out the fantasy of taking a rookie and trying to turn them into a legend.

The last two games have chosen to focus on the past, incorporating WrestleMania history and The Attitude Era. Eventually, the developers are going to run out of history to mine. A "My Superstar" mode is timeless.

Whether that mode gets added is one of many things fans will have their eyes on as more WWE 2K15 news begins to surface.


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