The Best Sports Derp Faces

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2014

The Best Sports Derp Faces

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    Lenny Ignelzi/Associated Press

    Derp Faces.

    That feeling where people just get too frustrated, excited or scared and express their feelings by giving a self-deprecating facial expression.

    And seeing how sports offers a lot of those emotions, they often give us some of the best ones.

    So take a look at these derp faces, and see why it's always a bad look for an athlete to get caught at the wrong moment.

Dee Ford

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    Dave Martin/Associated Press

    There might be questions about former Auburn Tigers football player Dee Ford's draft position in this year's NFL draft, but there are only answers when it comes to his derp face.

    Appearing to be caught yelling on the sideline at a game this past season, Ford looks like he's pushing out a fart in this pic.

John Lackey

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    Ted S. Warren/Associated Press

    Poor John Lackey.

    Not only is he well-known for underperforming based on his contract since joining the Boston Red Sox a few years ago—damn you, injuries—but when he does pitch, he gets caught in the dugout with the definition of a derp face.

    Maybe it's just best to take some time off, Lackey.

Mike McCarthy

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    Eric Gay/Associated Press

    Sure, the Green Bay Packers' Mike McCarthy is one of the finer head coaches in the NFL, but even he doesn't have the look of a champion every time he takes the sideline.

    You would think that with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers standing in the huddle, things would always be swell.

    McCarthy suggests otherwise, though—at least in this photo—as he has an epic derp face going on.

Any Shot-Putter

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    David J. Phillip/Associated Press

    Wasn't the sport of shot-put made for photographers to just gloriously snap shots of athletes making derp faces?

    OK, so it might not have been created for that exact reason, but each time someone watches the sport they surely won't be lacking in funny expressions.

Sidney Crosby

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    Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press

    Sidney Crosby is arguably the best player in the NHL right now. But like most people about to take a check, he shows a face that's prepared to absorb the hit.

    Having trouble keeping his helmet on straight, Crosby's face appears to be out of whack here.

Juan Mata

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    Jon Super/Associated Press

    If you've ever read my stuff before, I've talked about my club teams being both Chelsea in the Premier League and Barcelona in La Liga.

    And while I still respect Juan Mata for his time with the Blues, after leaving to play for Manchester United a few weeks ago, I'll find any reason to poke fun at him.

    Though, in this case, I'm thinking he did that on his own.

Tyler Hansbrough

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    Toronto Raptors forward Tyler Hansbrough has been known to flash some silly faces since jumping onto the national scene while at the University of North Carolina, so finding him on this list might not be shocking.

    However, the derp face that got him here might be—as dude got scared out of his wits by one of the most intimidating and crazy NBA players ever, Metta World Peace.

    In Hansbrough's defense, we'd probably all do the same thing.

Tom Daley

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    One can't really blame British diver Tom Daley for his derp face here.

    After jumping off a diving board and flipping and spinning, it's bound to happen as some of his skin gets pulled in different directions.

    Still, it looks as if he's getting socked in the face by two different sets of fists.

Pau Gasol

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    Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

    It's hard for me to look at L.A. Lakers forward Pau Gasol without imagining Marv from Home Alone—making me crack a smile without the guy doing anything.

    When you add in the fact that Pau just so happens to be one of the most passionate and animated players in the league, well, he provides derp gold.

    If they handed out an MVP for funny expressions each year, Gasol would be a multiple-time winner.

Steve Hine

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    Christopher Lee/Getty Images

    Who knew that throwing a dart could be so fun?

    Steve Hine, a professional darter—which I'm sure isn't their official title—seemed to get pretty amped up about it during the 2010 World Darts Championship, celebrating after a shot.

    Though Hine's reaction looks more like mine after taking a straight shot of whisky to the face.

Robinson Cano

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    David J. Phillip/Associated Press

    Not even millions of dollars can save an athlete from the derp face.

    Just take a look at recently overpaid baseball player Robinson Cano, who, after capturing the Home Run Derby title at the All-Star Game back in 2011, was seen showing his teeth in a way in which he probably wishes wasn't caught.

    Oh well, at least he has dolla, dolla bills to ease any embarrassment.

Rob Ryan

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    Stephan Savoia/Associated Press

    In the past six months or so, there might not be a more popular derp face than that of New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

    With his team squandering a lead late in the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots, Rex's twin brother gave us a reaction rarely seen on the sideline—and we should all be happy about that.

Benson Henderson

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    Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

    As a professional fighter, I'm going to be careful how much I poke fun at MMA athlete Benson Henderson.

    Still, seeing him mid-sentence here makes him look both shocked and like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

    I'm just hoping he finds humor in that should he read this—because I don't want to get my face smashed in.

Evgeni Plushenko

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    Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press

    Let's all applaud the 35-year-old Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko.

    Not only is he still competing on the world's grandest stage at an age that is considered too old in many sports, but he's also doing it for the fourth time in his life at these Olympics.

    Still, he has those moments when he's caught in the act of looking whack—and this photo from the other day proves that.

Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki

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    LM Otero/Associated Press

    It may be an oldie, but this picture of Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki is still a classic case of some amazing derp faces.

    As the goateed guy cheeses his face off, happy to be in the same shot as two future Hall of Famers, the drunk ballers are clowning behind him, both looking as if their faces were just a painted-on mask.

Philip Rivers

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    Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

    Though this might not be his most famous derp face, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has shown since entering the league in 2004 that he's one of the most well-recognized culprits of hilarious expressions.

    From yelling at players on the field to wearing his emotions on his sleeve, err, face, Rivers provides some great moments in derp history.

Mike Brown

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    Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer

    As someone who has now endured two stints of the Mike Brown as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers era, I can tell you that I've seen a great deal of derp faces from him.

    Whether it's him reacting to a call by an official or pondering how his team just lost by double-digits, Brown just can't seem to not provide the camera with looks of confusion and frustration. 

    I'll be honest, this picture just looks like he smells something wretched.

The Mannings

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    Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

    They might be the unofficial "first family of football," but even though the Mannings have three Super Bowl rings between them, they still aren't perfect.

    Current quarterbacks Peyton and Eli show that almost every game a number of times—and even their dad Archie has a problem with doing it.